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What’s black, ticks like a clock and induces loud noises?


If you’ve ever found yourself thinking that today’s black metal largely seems to lack that particular kind of vitriol, the decrepit misanthropy that gave the music the magical, and much revered “it”. Passion that wasn’t directed towards creation, but towards conveying that malignant evil – only now lacking the clownish shenanigans many of the genre’s forefathers desperately drew attention towards themselves with. If you have, you’re in luck, because Bornyhake of Switzerland believes it to be so, and intends to change things – by… un-changing them.


The man may be better known to some from the industrial-tinged Borgne, but Enoid has put several albums down since the early 00’s. Rejecting “technique” and “progression”, Livssyklus & Dodssyklus is bound to contain some of the most primal and hateful black metal that you’ll hear all year, while remaining free of any outsider taint. There is no intent to please, no intent to excite, only black metal as it was conceived to be. While the loud, and presumably programmed, drums are certain to irk some, they’re never a distraction from the festering hatred that spawned such riffs as these. Satanath Records have described Enoid as “hyperspeed black metal” – and indeed much of the time this is true – it is not entirely accurate, there’s just enough slower tempos and pauses to keep things from becoming one big blur.






Kvlt Swiss misanthropist Enoid released his last album in 2016 on Satanath Records, twenty years after the project’s unholy formation in 1996 when it was originally known as Organ Trails. This year sole member Bornyhake honours the past by re-releasing the first two demos summoned under the name Enoid, ‘Livssyklus & Dodssyklus’, from 2005 and 2006 respectively.


Now, you may be thinking this is just an exercise in nostalgia. Guess what: you would be wrong, bucko. From what we can hear of the fully remastered material thus far it still sounds absolutely vital and could have easily been released yesterday. The passion inherent within teaser track ‘Edicius’ is palpable as it burns with sinister intent. Excellent grim vocals and an extremely satisfying guitar tone are the icing on the cake as the song slowly unfurls black wings dripping in contempt; the original demos are available on the official Enoid bandcamp here so you can hear both the sound update and venom of the entire source material for yourself.


Great stuff, the false need not enter here. Pre-orders up now for a December 16th release. Oh and Bornyhake has finally assembled a live band; so the whole, unfettered pestilential darkness of Enoid shall finally descend over the Earth.










Swiss musician Ormenos can be hard to keep up with, as he’s involved with a slew of different black metal bands within both a studio and live capacity.  This year alone he’s been on releases from Pure, Oculus, and Serpen Luminis and now with the end of 2017 approaching Ormenos has put together ‘Livssyklus & Dodssyklus’ which is a compilation of his first two full lengths as Enoid.  Compared to the industrial black metal of his other main project Borgne, Enoid has always channeled dark and violent black metal that pulled from a number of second-wave influences.  Last year’s ‘Exilé aux confins des tourments’ left a strong impression, and now with the impending release of the compilation via GrimmDistribution and Final Gate Records on December 16th we invite you to listen to a remastered version of Riruom.


Riruom is taken from Enoid’s debut full length ‘Livssyklus’, which was originally released back in 2006.  Even this early on it’s clear that Ormenos had a strong handle on how to write harsh, biting riffs that captured the frigid nature of second-wave black metal.  Though his material does include a good deal of blast beats and fast tempos that bludgeon the listener with intensity and grit, Riruom only does this early on and then settles into a mid-tempo pace.  But slowing things down doesn’t give the listener any type of reprieve, as the tonality is razor sharp and it often feels like each note is going to tear your speakers apart.  Enoid may be treading some familiar territory on this song, but the riffs are so jagged and in your face that I’ve found myself wanting to hit the repeat button and listen to it again and again.


Ormenos sticks with a higher pitched scream/shriek for the entirety of the song, only deviating slightly over the course of Riruom.  There’s only a little bit of separation between instrumentals and vocals in the recording, which allows the screams to sound like they’re bursting through the wall of sound with sheer force.  It’s an approach that works extremely well, as Ormenos’ vocals are shrill enough that they’d likely overwhelm the material otherwise.  Later Enoid releases saw changes in pitch and some further experimentation, but on ‘Livssyklus’ the emphasis was on shrill, violent screaming that recalls some of the best Scandinavian black metal from decades past.


Compilations of this type are always interesting to dive into, as they give listeners a chance to explore the earlier days of a project with slightly tweaked production values.  Enoid’s ‘Livssyklus & Dodssyklus’ showcases Ormenos’ ability to deliver ice cold and violent black metal that is capable of completely overwhelming the listener, and even ten years after both album’s releases this material is still worth exploring.  Check out the compilation in full on December 16th via GrimmDistribution and Final Gate Records.





Few would deny that we are in the midst of a resurgence and a branching of black metal that rivals, if not eclipses, the torrent of the second wave in its flourishing abundance and creative fertility. There are a lot of forks in this great, gnarled tree of music, and some of the off-shoots bear little resemblance to the original root stock, much to the disgust of purists in certain quarters. Other thorned flowerings have hewed more closely to the vitriolic intensity and scarifying aggression of the progenitors. The Swiss band Enoid is in that camp.


The project of a sole creator who calls himself Bornyhake, Enoid has been a prolific source of musical hate and misanthropy, releasing seven albums since 2006 as well as a trio of shorter works. The first two of those albums, Livssyklus and Dodssyklus, were released in 2006 and 2007 by Rotten Vomit Records and NMB Records, respectively. They have become hard to find, but on December 16th they will be re-released in a re-mastered compilation recording by GrimmDistribution (Belarus) and Final Gate Records (Germany).


To help spread the word, we’re premiering a remastered track called “Ecnarffuos“, which originally appeared on the Dodssyklus album.


The advance press for the compilation proclaims, “There’s no melody or neutrality to be found here, only a ferocious assault upon the human race”. Respectfully, I must disagree. In fact, one of the most gripping aspects of “Ecnarffuos” is the recurrence of a fiery, rippling guitar motif that’s half-bleak and half-crazed (and eventually kind of mystical) — and together with other melodic elements, including gloomy, heaving chords and the high whine of rising and falling tremolo riffs, it gives the song a distinctive identity that has gotten stuck in my head.


Having said that, there’s also no question that “Ecnarffuos” is an unstoppable torrent of power and fury. The vocals in particular are terrifying in their unhinged ferocity. The song is segmented by start-stop percussive bursts, as well as the changes in the riffs already noted, and they help maintain the music’s grip on the senses. All these ingredients together make the song an electrifying experience (and a memorable one).



Nog een album die meer een mededeling dan een echte review behoeft, is deze compilatie van het Zwitserse Enoid. Satanath Records/GrimmDistribution uit (Wit)Rusland brengt namelijk de eerste twee albums van Enoid opnieuw uit. De man achter Enoid (Ormenos), brengt binnenkort een nieuwe Borgne uit, maar we mogen ook zijn andere projecten niet uit het oog verliezen. Deze extreme, snelle stofzuigerblack bijvoorbeeld, scoort bij velen erg goed. Nu hebben ook zij de kans om zich te goed te doen aan de eerste twee albums van Enoid.


Striemende black, ijsbijtend koud en hard, zonder compromissen. Vooral hoge, scherpe tonen dus en een constante halfmelodische gitaarlijn die enigszins de beluisterbaarheid verhoogt. De blastbeats vliegen je om de oren, deze keer met een ietwat geüpgradede (dat woord wordt echt zo geschreven ja) productie. Een aanrader, absoluut, zeker het eerste album (Livssyklus) is het beluisteren waard. Dodssyklus moet het meer hebben van zijn sfeer, want hier is het gitaargeluid zo mogelijk nog dunner en ruisender. Een ruiszender, inderdaad. Degelijke en allesbehalve overbodige rerelease als je het mij vraagt.

En ja, de titels van de nummers moet je allemaal achterstevoren lezen.




The thirteen songs on this compilation are raw and relentless fury. With a brutal drum assault and well thought out compositions. The bands here are two sole musicians, Livssyklus & Dodssyklus. Impressive to hear the amount of music being output in this release. The production quality is very good. Strong sounds. A lot time and effort went into the compositions. Its definitely worth listening to for anyone into obscure themes and dark passages.


In conclusion, setting a atmosphere of nightmarish quality and dark forces will keep any listener interested. The music is well delivered with intensity.





Während der über 60 Minuten überkommt den Hörer mehrmals das Gefühl, dass ENOID unmenschliche Kräfte aufwenden mussten, um die geballten Ideen aus so vielen Jahren zu homogenisieren, in ihre Songs zu pressen und dort so aneinander zu binden, dass sie kein Eigenleben führen. Das Album quillt beinahe über vor kreativer Energie. Die Rasanz der Platte droht, sich selbst zu sprengen. Neben den schnellen und knüppelnden Passagen ( "Ecnassian") gibt auch immer wieder schleppende Tracks ("Erviv"), die die gute Gitarrenarbeit nochmals hervorheben können. Die ganze Platte kommt ausgefeilt und gut durchdacht herüber. ENOID liefern mit diesem Longplayer einen der besten Outputs der letzten Wochen ab. Keiner der dreizehn, auf diesem Album befindlichen Songs klingt wie der andere; jeder hat seine eigene Atmosphäre, Ausstrahlung, Melodie und kann mich auf Anhieb überzeugen, unabhängig davon, ob es sich um schnelle Titel oder eher welche, die im Midtempo-Bereich angesiedelt sind, handelt. Zusammen mit den Vocals, die sehr kräftig, rauh und kompromißlos wirken, haben es ENOID mit "Livssyklus & Dodssyklus" geschafft, eine der abwechslungsreichsten und druckvollsten Alben dieser Tage zu veröffentlichen. Dazu kommen dann noch Perlen wie "Edicius", "Trom" oder das grandiose "Riruom", die von totaler Zerstörung bis filigranter Mystik einfach alles abdecken, und dies noch dazu auf sehr gekonnte und professionelle Weise. Wiederholungen finden nur dort statt, wo es unbedingt songdienlich ist, ansonsten regiert ein mutiges, abwechslungsreiches, aber jederzeit schlüssiges Arrangement die Stücke. Es passiert derart viel zur selben Zeit – das aber ohne Hast und Affektivität – dass man Mühe hat, die Höreindrücke überhaupt einzuordnen.

Das dauert, ist aber unheimlich spannend. Als Gesamtpaket ist ENOIDs Debüt "Livssyklus" von 2006 und das Zweitwerk "Dodssyklus" von 2007 ein einmaliges Beispiel dafür, dass es den Geist im Black Metal noch gibt, dass er nicht bloß ein durch die Proberäume dieser Welt mäanderndes Phantom ist. ENOID haben ihn eingefangen und auf Plastik gebannt. Insgesamt finden sich bei einer Spielzeit unzählige positive Aspekte, die das Gesamtwerk erneut zu einem wahren Meisterwerk erstrahlen lassen, welches getrost zu den besten Black Metal Veröffentlichungen der letzten Zeit gezählt werden darf.





Enoid's compilation release of what they tossed together to be titled "Livssyklus & Dodssyklus", is a rather interesting release. It is a flawless in all accounts known, because Enoid's version of the black metal genre, turns back the time that is the genre. For a lot of the modernized black metal acts bring on more of a technique and progression of approach to the genre, while Enoid's take of the genre is more of how it was suppose to be. When listening in to an album such as this one, there is clearly pure intensity, with other uniqueness embedded within it, that has this release just pop! In other words, Enoid's "Livssyklus & Dodssyklus", is more or less, a black metal album with the genre in its proper placing. It brings forth this reality of the demented with ever flowing angst of the genre as a whole. Making it be intense, aggressive, and very fast paced in approach of energy. If the fast neck embrace of the instrumentals with overpowering vocals get you into a groovy momentum, then by all means Enoid's album that is right here, is surely the one not to miss. For if you do, then you will disregard what black metal music truly was meant to be like, because this is it right here.





Enoid  are  a  solo  project  from  Switzerland  that  has  had  a  few  album  reviewed  before  in  this  zine  and  on  these  recordings  played  a  raw  and  brutal  style  of  black  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2006  and  2007  albums  "Livssklus"  and  "Dodssyklus"  which  was  re-issued  as  a  joint  effort  by  Grimm  Distribution  and  Final  Gate  Records  in  2017  as  a  double  album.


  A  very  dark  yet  heavy  sound  starts  off  the  compilation  before  going  into  a  very  fast  and  raw  musical  direction  which  also  uses a  great  amount  of  tremolo  picking  and  blast  beats  while  the  vocals  are  mostly  grim  yet  high  pitched  black  metal  screams  along  with  the  riffs  also  bringing  in  a  small  amount  of  melody.


  Throughout  the  compilation  you  can  also  hear  a  great  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  while  all  of  the  musical  instruments  have  a  very  powerful sound  to  them  along  with  a  great  amount  of  second  wave  90's  influences  mid  still  sounding  very  modern  in  the  era  it  was  recorded  and  when  guitar  solos  and  leads  are  utilized  they  bring  in  a  very  dark,  raw  and  melodic  style.


  On  the  second  album  the  music  also  continues  the  raw  and  chaotic  approach  to  black  metal  while  also  taking  the  music  into  more  of  a  melodic  direction  without  losing  any  of  the  brutality  along  with  a  brief  noise  style intro  before  returning  back  to  a  heavier  direction  as  well  as  closing  the  compilation  with  two  tracks  that  are  very  long  and  epic  in  length.


  On  both  of  these  albums  Enoid  played  a  style  of  black  metal  that  was  very  raw,  brutal  and  chaotic  sounding  while  also  being  very  melodic  at  the  same  time,  the  production  sounds  very  raw  and  heavy  while  the  lyrics  are  written  in  Swiss  and  cover  death,  misanthropy,  and  reflection  themes.


  In  my  opinion  this  is  a  very great  sounding  collection  from  Enoid  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  fast  and  raw  black  metal,  you  should  check  out  this  compilation




With a sound that’s rich in ceaselessly battering aggression and insanely paced whorls of tremolo, it’s no surprise that Enoid pinpoints “inexorable brutality” as their primary point of appeal. But while there’s no doubting the dizzyingly aggressive pleasure to be savoured here in spades, the impeccably engineered precision with which these brimstone-scorched dynamics are handled makes clear that this is no simple and primitive exercise in aggression.




Glistening with all the coldly majestic presence of Dark Funeral, new outing ‘Livssyklus & Dodssyklus’ sees every thorny whorl of tremolo and battering blast cleanly audible and crackling with electrifying clarity. With its tautly muscular tangles of fretwork seething like a writhing nest of agitated vipers, diabolical choice cut ‘Riruop’ delivers tantalising levels of suspense in a sudden percussive break that’s finally enveloped in a blindingly aggressive finale of screams. Strategically placed, too, are the explosive clusters of blastbeats that punctuate this wondrously unpredictable beast of a stand-out, while ‘Erviv’s’ swaggering grooves add darkly mesmeric magnetism to its grimly unrelenting, monochrome throes. Peaceful and grounded neutrality this is not...





One-man-band suiça que foi ao baú para recuperar estes dois trabalhos "Livssykus" e "Dodssyklus" que, ao que tudo indica, estavam guardados na gaveta há mais de uma década. Black metal cru, primitivo e ríspido que se revela bem interessante mesmo sem acrescentar absolutamente nada ao género. No entanto, o ambiente criado (o ambiente, sempre o ambiente) é fantástico e até o som mecanizado da bateria (que nos parece programada mas não temos nenhuma confirmação disso) encaixa bem. Tendo sido gravados em momentos diferentes, os dois EPs combinam muito bem. É uma boa introdução ao som da banda assim como uma excelente prenda para os fãs.





This compilation features the first two albums by ENOID, a one-man Black Metal band from Switzerland. Originally released in 2006 and 2007 both recordings have been remastered and put together as one output. Since I do not know the original sound the remastered version works pretty appropriate. The music is heavily influenced by early / mid nineties Scandinavian Black Metal and interestingly the band's history goes back to that era. Being formed as PEST back 1996 and active under the monicker ORGAN TRAILS the person now named Ormenos is no newcomer to scene. Besides his own band he was active in some other, at least to me less known acts. One-man projects are quite common in the Black Metal genre, maybe the reasons are the heavy emotional connections to the music and the tendency to despise the most other or even all human beings. Appropriately enough the lyrical theme of predecessor ORGAN TRAILS is declared "Anti-human". Referring to Metal Archives it has now changed to "Death, Misanthropy, Reflections". But before starting a discussion about the difference between anti-human and misanthropy or why Black Metal, in comparison to other genres, is the only one with so many one-man projects, a few words about the music. Obviously "Livssyklus & Dodssyklus" (translated life cycle & death cycle) is supposed to be some kind of concept, so it makes sense to put them together on one output. But the music differs by no way between the two albums. Listening to all tracks in one row does not give you any chance to make out which, in words of the band, cycle is currently spinning. The riffs are blurred like the early ENSLAVED used to play, but more in the aggressive vein of EMPEROR or DARKTHRONE during their blackest stage ("Under A Funeral Moon" and "Transilvanian Hunger"). A gnarling voice teams up with sharp hitting drums. The songwriting is changing between mid-tempo and up-tempo, having heard one song you know all songs, so to say. Since there are no surprises, which means no unpleasant ones as well for me as Black Metal fan I have nothing to criticize.




Lo svizzero Ormenos è il titolare di questa one man band denominata Enoid, anche se nel primo anno di attività ha avuto diverse denominazioni prima di quella attuale.


Livssyklus & Dodssyklus è una compilation che raccoglie i primi due full length usciti a nome Enoid (intitolati appunto Livssyklus e Dodssyklus), anche se il primo in realtà era già uscito come demo a nome Organ Trails nel 2004 per essere poi riedito nel 2014 con il titolo Organ Trails 2004.

Dopo avevi confuso il giusto le idee, veniamo al contenuto dell’opera, che offre un’ora complessiva di buon black metal di matrice scandinava, lineare, melodico e di gradevole ascolto.

Il musicista di Losanna è piuttosto arrivo nella scena elvetica, essendo impegnato a vario titolo con almeno un’altra decina di band, per cui il fatto di riproporre per l’ennesima volta questi due lavori (soprattutto il primo) non deve far pensare ad una particolare aridità compositiva; l’operazione della Grimm Distributin appare quindi valida perché offre la possibilità di ascoltare black metal di buona fattura, con il secondo dei due che si rivela leggermente più aspro del predecessore, spingendosi a livello artistico dalle parti degli Arckanum, il che tutto sommato è un modello di sicuro pregio.

In generale, trattandosi di una rivisitazione di quanto fatto da Ormenos circa un decennio fa, il tutto deve essere visto come l’occasione per fare la conoscenza di una realtà musicale interessante e degna della massima stima, per la coerenza e la passione che il musicista elvetico immette nella sua riproposizione piuttosto fedele della tradizione del genere.

Per finire, ma solo a livello di curiosità, i titoli dei brani non fanno riferimento a qualche antica lingua mesopotamica ma, perché abbiano un senso, devono essere semplicemente letti al contrario …




Formada em 2005 como um entidade de pura raiva do Black Metal, a banda suíça ENOID, na realidade é o trabalho do exército de um homem só de Bornyhake, guitarrista, baterista e vocalista e o faz tudo da banda.


Este álbum “Livssyklus & Dodssyklus” (2017), na realidade é uma compilação dos dois primeiros álbuns da banda remasterizados em 2017 no Chaos Studio (Suíça) por  Bornyhake. As faixas 01-07 são de “Livssyklus”, gravadas e mixadas em 2005 e as faixas 08-13 são de “Dodssyklus”, gravadas e mixadas em 2006. A capa como era de se esperar também foi feita por Bornyhake.


Quando os defensores do black metal criticam o gênero, qual é a primeira falha que eles apontam para a nova música? Paixão ou, a completa falta de que infesta a cena black metal de hoje. As bandas de hoje não têm a intensidade, a total misantropia que tornou o início dos anos 90 tão único e brilhante. Com o passar dos anos, essa visão foi perdida em favor da ‘técnica’ e ‘progressão’, destruindo o que o black metal deveria ser. ENOID da Suíça está prestes a corrigir essa preocupação.


O som embora não apresente inovações, convence facilmente, sendo uma audição bastante interessante. Aqui não há melodia ou neutralidade, apenas um ataque feroz à raça humana em um álbum que vai maltratar o seu pescoço. O ENOID faz tudo como manda o figurino do estilo, produção tosca, música rápida e suja e letras singelas. Dito isso o ouvinte já sabe o que esperar. Destaque pra faixa “Trom” um verdadeiro pesadelo em forma de música.


Se você curte bandas como: Mayhem, Darkthrone, Tsjuder, Watain, Dark Funeral entre outras dessa linha, pode ir sem medo.




Formada em 2005 como um entidade de pura raiva do Black Metal, a banda suíça ENOID, na realidade é o trabalho do exército de um homem só de Bornyhake, guitarrista, baterista e vocalista e o faz tudo da banda.


Este álbum “Livssyklus & Dodssyklus” (2017), na realidade é uma compilação dos dois primeiros álbuns da banda remasterizados em 2017 no Chaos Studio (Suíça) por  Bornyhake. As faixas 01-07 são de “Livssyklus”, gravadas e mixadas em 2005 e as faixas 08-13 são de “Dodssyklus”, gravadas e mixadas em 2006. A capa como era de se esperar também foi feita por Bornyhake.


Quando os defensores do black metal criticam o gênero, qual é a primeira falha que eles apontam para a nova música? Paixão ou, a completa falta de que infesta a cena black metal de hoje. As bandas de hoje não têm a intensidade, a total misantropia que tornou o início dos anos 90 tão único e brilhante. Com o passar dos anos, essa visão foi perdida em favor da ‘técnica’ e ‘progressão’, destruindo o que o black metal deveria ser. ENOID da Suíça está prestes a corrigir essa preocupação.


O som embora não apresente inovações, convence facilmente, sendo uma audição bastante interessante. Aqui não há melodia ou neutralidade, apenas um ataque feroz à raça humana em um álbum que vai maltratar o seu pescoço. O ENOID faz tudo como manda o figurino do estilo, produção tosca, música rápida e suja e letras singelas. Dito isso o ouvinte já sabe o que esperar. Destaque pra faixa “Trom” um verdadeiro pesadelo em forma de música.


Se você curte bandas como: Mayhem, Darkthrone, Tsjuder, Watain, Dark Funeral entre outras dessa linha, pode ir sem medo.




Come il titolo dell’album suggerisce, questa uscita è una raccolta dei primi due lavori degli svizzeri, pubblicati rispettivamente nel 2006 e 2007. La musica proposta è un black piuttosto primordiale e per la verità non fuori dagli schemi come ci abituano da anni praticamente tutti i gruppi elvetici. In origine gli album erano comunque collegati per sonorità e tematiche e il riproporli assieme, togliendo per giunta l’intro al secondo lavoro, non fa che consolidare questo legame creando praticamente una soluzione di assoluta continuità tra le opere originariamente divise. Il suono è piuttosto attuale nonostante le registrazioni abbiano una decade sulle proprie spalle. Questo elemento, considerato anche il fatto che si parla pur sempre del debutto discografico del combo, non fa altro che aumentare le quotazioni dell’opera. Ritmi dall’incedere marziale fanno da base per una voce che ricorda leggermente i Dimmu degli esordi ma decisamente più alta di toni. Poche pause di riflessione, canzoni tutto sommato abbastanza corte, stringate e senza troppe strutture complesse vanno a comporre un pacchetto solido e senza riempitivi. Forse la chiave di lettura adatta sta proprio nel rapportarsi all’opera trattandola come un artefatto rispolverato dalle ragnatele e rimesso su nastro. Ecco quindi che con il passare degli ascolti il valore non fa altro che crescere lentamente ma inesorabilmente.




Sergio Moplat, alias Bornyhake, alias Ormenos, è uno dei personaggi più importanti del metal estremo elvetico post-Duemila. Oltre ad aver prestato la sua opera di batterista in Isotheos dei Kawir, oltre ad aver fatto parte del supergruppo Oculus, ha tre progetti black metal da paura: Borgne, Pure e Enoid, tutti molto produttivi perché nel complesso si parla di circa quindici album lunghi. In particolare Grimm Distribution ha appena ristampato, previa rimasterizzazione, i primi due album degli Enoid su unico cd. La distanza dall’ultimo Exilé aux confins des tourments (2016) è tanta, d’altronde sono lavori distanti dieci anni. In Livssyklus & Dodssyklus le canzoni sono molto più brevi, immediate e incazzose. In generale Enoid è stato sempre così, iperveloce e lancinante, più degli altri suoi progetti, ma qui siamo davvero sopra le righe. È una tormenta di neve, distortissima e lo fi, proprio come il black metal deve essere. Sì, i titoli sono scritti al contrario e se non vi piace vi dedico l’ultima canzone: Dlrow Eht Kcuf. Due al prezzo di uno: ma che volete di più? Un massaggio alle piante dei piedi?




Ormai conosciamo bene gli Enoid, essendo già passati in due occasioni sul nostro sito, così come conosciamo l'artista dietro al progetto, quel Bornyhake che è la mente anche dei Borgne e ormai membro fisso nel gruppo norvegese Manii. In questa occasione, però, non ci occupiamo di una nuova fatica, bensì del ripescaggio dei primi due lavori partoriti nel biennio 2006-2007 ("Livssyklus" e "Dodssyklus"), da parte della coppia di etichette composta da Grimm Distribution e Final Gates Records.


Il ciclo della vita e della morte descritto all'interno dei lavori, connessi sia per sonorità che sviluppo tematico, viene raccontato attraverso una proposta classica di Black Metal di matrice scandinava, non particolarmente ricco di variazioni né di presenza personale, privo di sorprese ma aspro, affilato e dalle ritmiche determinate. La durata dell'opera è contenuta e forse proprio per questo in grado di mantenere salda l'attenzione con il trascorrere dei minuti. Piccola nota: i titoli dei brani sono stati scritti al contrario, ma ne ignoro il motivo.


Questa raccolta immette nuovamente in circolazione gli Enoid nella loro versione primordiale. Nel tempo, infatti, sono divenuti maggiormente ricercati nella composizione e con atmosfere più variegate, come potrete notare in "The New World Murder" (2013)".


In conclusione, "Livssyklus & Dodssyklus" potrebbe essere un utile e piacevole spunto per fare la conoscenza della creatura di Bornyhake, partendo dalle basi. Dopo questi passi iniziali infatti si sono succedute ben cinque pubblicazioni di lunga durata, due mini e uno split condiviso con i greci Mortuus Caelum e Dizziness.




Enoid comes from Switzerland, delivering cold, raw and stripped down black metal with soul and intensity.


The press release presents a few thoughts on how parts of the genre have lost their touch by letting go of intensity, vitrol, passion and misanthropy, in favour of technique and progression.


The point, of course, is to put extra focus on Enoid being old school and real, true to the bone, with proper, fervently immersion.


Fair enough. I'll buy that. Enoid is a one-man army consisting of Bornyhake (Borgne, Manii et al.). Bornyhake has heard his share of Darkthrone, Gorgoroth and Taake, and presents his own vision with dogged determination. He really means it, and he puts his soul into it. He's not the saviour of the genre. At least not alone. As a blood cell in a larger bloodstream, however, he is part of the flow, the blood circulatory system, which keeps the black underground alive.


This compilation disc contains Enoid's first two albums, Livssyklus (Life cycle, 2005 - 7 Songs, 32 Minutes) and Dødssyklus (Death Cycle, 2006 - 6 Songs, 30 Minutes). The music has been remastered, and given a new wrapping, containing a total playing time of just past the hour.


The sound differs slightly on the two albums, but both are cold and warlike in their blistering, merciless grasp for the listener's throat. “There's no melody ... to be found here, only a ferocious assault upon the human race”, the press letter states. This, for sure, ain't melodic music, but to hear, one needs only to listen. For even the wind has its tune. Sharp barbed wire sings like the sledgehammer strike at the anvil, leaving melody lines of arrogant elitist pride and contempt.


The song material measures up. The sound is rough and necrotic. The performance is passionate. Livssyklus & Dodssyklus can therefore be recommended to die-hard necro black-metallers that doesn't already have these in the collection.





I am not too certain but I think that the title of this compilation from Swiss black metal horde ENOID is Norwegian. It doesn’t feel Danish. And it doesn’t feel German, French or Italian at all. This is like I mentioned a compilation that compiles the two albums “Livssyklus” from 2005 and “Dodsyklus” from 2006. I heard this band the first time back in 2016 when I reviewed the album “EXILÉ AUX CONFINS DES TOURMENTS”. Musically this is black metal in the more 90s Norwegian school than anything else. It owes a lot to stuff like Gorgoroth, more so than Darkthrone. This I like. Even though these are old recordings they still hold up very well today. If you are like me and missed out on these to begin with here is your chance to rectify that.




Active since 1996 under different monikers, Swiss one man band Enoid offer here its debut album from 2006 and the second one from 2007 remastered and gathered on the same CD, 13 tracks in a bit over an hour of playing time. A mostly fast paced and brutal Black Metal with occasional slow and mid-tempo passages, with plenty of atmospheric guitar riffs and leads that create a dark, chilling cold atmosphere. Even though on some parts the drum programs are really synthetic and even annoying for some (including me), most of the times they blend well within the compositions and even enhance the overall brutality of Enoid's music, but from my point of view the most interesting and enticing element in Enoid's music is the vocal timbre: hoarse, ghoulish, razor-sharp, ice-cold shrieks that will freeze your blood, supported by occasional clean vocals in the background. The guitar riffs and leads also are an interesting aspect in Enoid's music, so all in all we got a serious project here capable of impressing the fanatics of this genre, and I'd especially recommend this to Burzum fans. The CD is limited to 500 copies, less than the two albums were initially printed, but back in those years CDs were selling way better.




C большим удовольствием писал уже про релизы швейцарского музыканта блэкушника Bornyhake, это:

Enoid - Exile Aux Confins Des Tourments (2016) SAT146 / BPR072 - Satanath Records

"...композер бросает нас на амбразуры скорого современного блэк апокалипсиса, заваренного гитарным дестроем, ритм-секционной строганиной и мистическим вокалом, который словно доносится из завалов и пещер альпийских каменоломен".

Pure - J'aurais Du (2017) SODP094 / OAP2017 - Symbol Of Domination

"жесткий, злобный тролль, настроенный на высших частотах (и средних, и низких) промчаться по пикам Альп, размолотив их в строительный песок. Причем сделав это максимально атмосферно".

Напомню для начала и вновь, что ENOID - один из проектов Bornyhake, и из тех, которым он занимается постоянно, и где видно, что его темные помыслы и идеи воплощаются наиболее выпукло. 7 альбомов закатал в пластмассу. А сабжевый кусок тьмы - это компиляция. НО ВНИМАЙТЕ — это два первых альбома о6-го и о7-го года, причем ремастированных в 17-ом году. Ценный артефакт на 62 минуты в итоге.

Стоит беспокоиться настоящим реальным блэкерам, которые понимают толк в черном искусстве, в пекельном звукоизвержении и музыкальном дестрое.

Возвращаясь к корням ENOID, подмечаем, что с самого старта проекта альпийский композер ратовал за экстремальное понимание стиля, как оно и должно быть на самом деле. И мне кажется, что ремастерингом темный шеф в прямом смысле расширил динамический диапазон в обе стороны, ну или как минимум - в сторону низких частот. Ибо сейчас это полноценное, а не обезжиренное, как бывает у блэк-коллективов произведение, мясное, жирное по низам, плотное. И это при том, что традиционно адепты стилистического мрачнейшего ритуала поклоняются средним и высшим, - чтобы свирепо хрустело - как на адской сковороде.

Маршевой поступью включается компакт и тотально декларирует бомбометание и артобстрел. Выстроенные строгими, указующими и даже командными гитарами, направленные разрушительной ритм-секцией, от которой дохнут микробы, и испаряется снег под окнами (у меня еще есть снег где-то там внизу). Вокал — одно из сильнейших достоинств мастера (хотя слабых пока и не наблюдаем). Его голос - режущий как пила, грим скриминг - этот огнедышащий вопль, как термитный заряд выжигает все живое (?) на больших пространствах. При этом вокалисту удается интонировать и расставлять нездоровые акценты. А также - где надо отрабатывать выше и ниже, для реального инфернального эффекта.

ЭНОИД работает в мидтемпо и побыстрее, и в свое время посрубал немало, мне кажется, наград в Хеллканцелярии, Наград и кубков за лучшую, например, скоростную работу или в конкурсе «пью тьму стаканами».

Ecnarffuos — трэк 9 — это уже со второго альбома. Танками атакует композер и сразу бросает в прорыв сухой и высокочастотный скриминг-харш. Гитары волнуются как стальные сосны, стряхивая опилки и иглы, и их гулом поддерживает ритм-секция. Композер делает небольшой разрыв в наступлении, дабы пропустить понтонами отряды спецназа, но далее все покрывается кромешной адской пальбой из всех орудий. Судьбы воинов читает хтонический (подземный) низкий голос, уверенно разбирая кровавые руны на каменных грядах.

Два альбома - очень труйные, забойные и по-блэкарски экстатичные, заряжены подземной энергетикой, так что от них можно прикуривать. И еще раз выскажу предположение, которое прорастает уверенностью к финалу - Bornyhake на этом мастеринге нарулил отличный саунд, самый зрелый для музыкального прыжка в Ад.

Совместный релиз с немецкой конторой Final Gate Records. Буклет 8 стр. OBI. Pit-Art CD.




Enoid to szwajcarski projekt ukrywającego się pod pseudonimem Bornyhake Segio da Silva, multiinstrumentalisty i płodnego artysty, znanego przede wszystkim z solowego projektu Borgne. Niemniej jednak jego kolejny pomysł o nazwie Enoid jest od Borgne, tylko o siedem lat młodszy, za to w kwestii ilości albumów długogrających – oba projekty idą łeb w łeb. Oba projekty wydały również ostatnio płyty… kombinowane. Borgne w tym roku wydał box z ostatnimi trzema longplayami. Natomiast Enoid rok wcześniej zaproponował słuchaczom kompilację dwóch pierwszych płyt Livssyklus oraz Dodssyklus. Takie tam szacher-macher.


Będąc jednak dokładnym, muszę napisać, że kompilacja nie tak dokładnie oddaje te dwa pierwsze wydawnictwa Enoida. Po pierwsze, kawałków jest o jeden mniej (głupio było wrzucać intro z drugiej płyty w połowie kompilacji), a po drugie ostatnie numery z każdej z płyt zostały mocno przearanżowane i skrócone. W przypadku Dlrow Eht Kcuf z Dodssyklus czas utworu skrócił się o połowę, a w przypadku Noitpecnoc z Livssyklus aż pięciokrotnie. Ponadto drobnym aranżom uległy wszystkie pozostałe numery. Zostały odświeżone i „oczyszczone z brudów młodości”.


Znając korzenie działalności Bornyhake’a, nie dziwi brutalność i szybkość utworów. W końcu muzyk zaczynał od stylistyki grindcore’owej, i choć Enoid dzielą od tego gatunku lata świetlne, to blastująca niczym dobry karabin maszynowy linia perkusyjna i ściana gitarowych riffów nie powinny zdumiewać. Widać zresztą, że Enoid stawia bardziej na instrumentarium niż na wokal, gdyż ten schowany jest nieco za perkusją i gitarami. A nie jest to zły wokal. Growl poddany mocnym modyfikacjom, przesterowany i brudny pięknie dysonuje z czystymi dźwiękami perkusji i czytelnymi partiami gitar. Ten fakt pokazuje co prawda umiejętności muzyka, który nie wstydzi się swoich możliwości i nie chowa ich za komputerowymi efektami pogłosów i przesterów.


Może i poszczególne kawałki nie stanowią dla siebie pomysłowych antypodów, niemniej każdy wyróżnia się nieco innym pomysłem i odmienną linią melodyjną. To dość istotny argument przemawiający za tą produkcją i powodujący, że Livssyklus & Dodssyklus po pierwsze da się słuchać, a po drugie robi się to z przyjemnością.


Choć osobiście nie często sięgam do brutalnego black / death metalu, to ta kompilacja przypadła mi  do gustu. A to już sporo. Co więcej, słucham jej od czasu do czasu, żeby wprowadzić trochę energii i emocji do głowy. Dlatego polecam ten album wszystkim miłośnikom black metalu bezkompromisowego i bezpardonowego.


A dla dociekliwych dodam, że wydanego przez GrimmDistribution w ilości 500 egzemplarzy!




Tuve la oportunidad hace ya un par de años de reseñar uno de los trabajos anteriores de Enoid, “Exilé aux confinsdes tourments”, donde daba cuenta de su más que ortodoxo black metal. Pues bien, esta compilación presenta los dos primeros álbumes de este proyecto unipersonal comandado por el suizo Sergio Da Silva, álbumes lanzados originalmente en 2006 y 2007. Ambas grabaciones se han remasterizado y relanzado en un solo CD.

La música está fuertemente influenciada por el black escandinavo de principios de los 90’s, y tanto "Livssyklus” como “Dodssyklus" parecen como si uno fuese la continuación del otro, ya que no hay grandes diferencias estilísticas entre ambos. Los crueles y toscos riffs (me recordaron a bandas como DarkThrone o Enslaved), la retorcida voz inunda todo de una sensación de agresividad manifiesta, todo es crudo y brutal, oscuro y pesado, lleno de trémolos y blast beats.

El enfoque caótico y sin concesiones se mantiene a lo largo de todo el LP, con una producción que respeta la intención primaria de sonar trve/cvlt.

Discazo, muy recomendado.




Bornyhake has been around the underground for two decades plus and obviously paid his dues six hundred and sixty six times over. Livssyklus & Dodssyklus is the clever title for the re-release of the act’s first two albums from a decade ago on one CD - minus an intro and a cover version – and it is mostly high-quality brutal black metal. The weakness of the ‘life and death cycles’ here is the pathetic drum machine, but admittedly the man/band has done a good job of making the darned machine less irritating than usual. It does become quite irritating on a track like Trom, but be that as it may one has heard far worse. The shrieks and growls that are the vocals, the tremolo riffing, the velocity and grim image make these high contenders and a good package to pick up. The language of the songs and their titles is not something mere mortals would understand, unless one can read both backwards and French, and strangely the man credits himself for drums on the CD’s liner notes, but fans of supreme malevolence and bands like Tsjuder, 1349 and Dark Funeral have no reason to hesitate with this. It is a solo act, and the skulls of the three long killed members are on the cover, but do not be put off. Go for it. The disc does.





Belle sortie que cette compilation regroupant sur un seul CD - pressé à 500 exemplaires - les deux premiers albums de ce ténébreux  projet helvétique. Si vous ne le savez pas encore, l'âme damnée qui se dissimule derrière ENOID n'est autre que celle qui s'incarne également en BORGNE, à savoir le sieur Bornyhake, passé maître ès arts noirs et dont la renommée en la matière n'est d'ores et déjà plus à faire. Seulement, si BORGNE officie dans le registre d'un Black Metal plutôt atmosphérique et enrichi de sonorités industrielles, ENOID se singularise quant à lui par une approche musicale sensiblement différente. Cette approche enoidienne, c'est celle d'un  Black froid, brut et brutal qui, sur fond de riffs agressifs et de blast-beats supersoniques, suinte littéralement la mort, la crasse, la pourriture, la décomposition et la haine...


Livssyklus et Dodssyklus, initialement sortis en 2006 et 2007, étaient d'une telle homogénéité stylistique et conceptuelle qu'il apparaissait en fait tout naturel de les réunir en un seul album longue durée. C'est donc là une excellente initiative de la part des Ukrainiens de GrimmDistribution, filiale du label russe Satanath Records, que de nous les faire (re)découvrir ainsi compilés, en reprenant à l'identique l'intégralité des deux disques. Le style est globalement agressif à base de guitare saturée et de vocaux distordus qui nous assènent des paroles en français aux formes, aux fonds  et aux formulations sinistres, ne lésinant pas sur le macabre ni sur la glauquerie la plus sordide. On remarquera aussi particulièrement la cadence ultra-rapide des percussions, qui en sont pourtant bel et bien de "vraies" et non le travail d'une boîte à rythmes, comme on pourrait être tenté de le croire de prime abord. Et cela rend d'ailleurs la performance d'autant plus remarquable ! Mais malgré toute cette brutalité et ce côté "raw", ENOID parvient à créer des ambiances véritablement sombres et d'une rare intensité. De par sa musique aux arpèges tout aussi lugubres qu'inquiétants, bien sûr. Mais aussi de par ses vocaux. Et ses paroles.


Au delà de la violence du style et de la vélocité du tempo qui entraîne le tout dans une sorte de sarabande infernale, les ténèbres qui enveloppent les treize compositions ici présentes se font si denses qu'elles happent inexorablement  l'auditeur dans un univers cauchemardesque fait de profond mal-être, de nihilisme existentiel, de dépression, de souffrance psychique, de fascinations morbides, de velléités destructrices et de pulsions suicidaires. L'ombre de la mort, du malaise, de la détestation, du reniement blasphématoire et de l'abandon de tout espoir plane en permanence sur l'intégralité de l'oeuvre, qui pousse la négativité jusqu'à inverser l'ordre des lettres qui en constituent les titres. De la conception et de la naissance jusqu'à la mort et à la décomposition, en passant par les affres de la souffrance et de l'autodestruction, tous les stades de l'existence et de la non-existence y sont successivement égrenés, non sans évoquer une sorte de  cycle sans fin qui a tout d'une malédiction. Si la première chanson Riruop, qui semble être la synthèse de Mourir et de Pourrir, précède celle qui s'intitule Ecnassian (naissance) et prend ainsi tout le processus à rebours, ce n'est de toute évidence pas sans raison...


Mention spéciale au morceau Rillieiv (Vieillir), très représentatif, et dont je recommande vivement l'écoute, tant il m'apparait comme l'un des titres-phares du disque.L'impression qui se dégage de l'ensemble s'apparente assez furieusement à une sorte de catharsis. On a la sensation très nette que Bornyhake se décharge à travers ENOID de tous ses démons, de toute la noirceur, de la violence et de la négativité qui alourdissent et obscurcissent l'âme meurtrie d'un écorché vif. Cette âme, c'est celle de quelqu'un qui ne se sent décidément pas à sa place en ce monde, en cette époque et parmi tous ces êtres qu'on lui présente comme étant ses "semblables", mais qui en réalité lui sont foncièrement et fondamentalement étrangers, tant leur vision des choses, leurs aspirations et leur manière d'envisager l'existence divergent des siennes. Pour tout dire, ENOID a donc ce petit "plus", ce petit je-ne-sais-quoi, assez difficilement définissable, qui fait qu'un groupe ou un projet sort du lot. Sans doute parce que ce petit "plus" lui donne une âme, une personnalité affirmées et tout à fait spécifiques, lesquelles lui confèrent une aura (noire) d'authenticité qui fait hélas défaut à tant d'autres.


Clin d'oeil involontaire ou pas (?), la onzième piste, de par son seul titre, ne manquera évidemment pas de raviver le souvenir, dans l'esprit des plus anciens et/ou des plus avertis, d'une certaine Mort à l'envers, mémorable compatriote d'ENOID dans les années 90. J'ai bien sûr nommé TROM, qui fut une formation amie de MORDOR. MORDOR, mystérieux et légendaire combo de Dark Metal fondateur du style que l'on désigne aujourd'hui du nom de Funeral Doom, et dont deux membres feront d'ailleurs en 2019, aux côtés de Bornyhake, partie du line up d'ASTRAL SILENCE pour donner naissance à son superbe album Sagittarius A* (voir chronique ici). Comme quoi le monde est petit... Mais n'est-ce pas plutôt cette montagneuse pépinière de grands talents qui est petite ? C'est dire en tout cas si, de façon générale, la Suisse a depuis déjà un bon moment acquis une réputation d'excellence qui n'est qu'assez rarement démentie. ENOID, au même titre que BORGNE, fait remarquablement honneur à cette réputation, devenue aujourd'hui un véritable label de qualité. A suivre de près, à faire connaître et à soutenir sans modération.




It`s a compilation of two early materials: Livssyklus (2006) and Dodssyklus (2007) but re-mastered in 2017 on Swiss soil, which is where the band comes from. Both albums are creation of Bornyhake who is a man behind Enoid from the very beginning and who handles every instrument on these 2 hateful sounding black metal albums.


There are ultra fast drumming and triggers in songs and even so the tracks are very tight composed and concrete. The low guitar tuning on guitars is nothing but holocaust to any light that black metal should not have in music. At least black metal performed by Enoid is a grimmer among other black metal albums but still sounds very harsh, fast and is cold like Norwegian ice. At some points, Bornyhake used a few guitar tracks to create a little diversity of songs. Of course the main goal of the album is to deliver rough tracks, aggression and ferocity but not at all cost which are those slower, thriving atmosphere moments in music that perhaps you may not even consider as atmospheric at all. It`s because the music overall is extreme on first place and Enoid do not compromise much to sound otherwise.


Both albums sound very similar. The same words I could use when I think about music on both releases. But as for me, it is just what Enoid`s do. The band is much into black metal and without reinventing anything, they play like it was in second wave of 90`s black metal, just having better sound than most of those bands in early days.


Pretty cool album to play, especially against those sunny days when heat is getting unbearable.