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Black metal duo Indesiderium call sunny Los Angeles, California home (it’s also the home of Decibel Metal & Beer Fest: Los Angeles), but their music wouldn’t indicate that. Indesiderium’s music is is atmospheric and melodic, bearing some similarities to many of their West Coast counterparts like Uada and Wolves in the Throne Room. Drummer Mattias Snyder never really stops blasting while vocalist/guitarist Atrum Abbas provides tremolo-picked melodies and shrieked vocals.


It’s on their spooky new album Of Twilight And Evenfall..., which comes out just in time for Halloween on Satanath.




“The Conqueror’s Return” is the name of the song by the California black metal duo Indesiderium that we bring you today. The music’s mid-paced momentum and the almost stately cruelty of the riffs is consistent with the august occasion suggested by the song’s title, but you also powerfully sense in the music that there is blood on this conqueror’s hands that won’t wash off, and a smell of death in his nostrils that won’t go away.


“The Conqueror’s Return” comes from Indesiderium’s new album Of Twilight And Evenfall..., which will be released by Satanath Records on October 30th. On this album, the core duo of vocalist/guitarist/bassist Atrum Lorde and drummer/keyboardist Mattias are joined by guest lead guitarist Hell Messiah from the US death metal band Gravehill.


This is a song that seeps more and more deeply under the skin as it unfolds. It seems to embody memories both horrible and glorious, the cries of battle captured in Atrum’s terrifying and utterly vicious shrieks, vistas of corpses made manifest in the coldness of the riffs, and the excitement of victory in the soaring voices and shimmering, fire-bright leads. The raking chords grow even more gloomy, and a reverberating solo conveys a bleak, cobra-like melody that seems to recall distant and exotic lands.


Near the end, the music flares with a scintillating lead followed by an extended solo that’s even more incandescent and grand than the one before, which brings the song to a close, leaving the listener with dark but persistent and haunting memories.




To put my cards on the table, I don’t know what kind of story the band intended to convey through this song. You might imagine something very different, perhaps something more occult, more evil. The music could easily stand that interpretation. But whatever imagery might spring to mind, it’s definitely the kind of music that inspires imagination, and that’s a very good thing.



Thinking about California reminds me of beaches, The Beach Boys, and babes in bikinis. Although Indesiderium are from there as well this band is US Black Metal not Surfin’ USA. Death, the end of humanity and dark spirits are weaving through 6 songs for over 40 minutes on the album “Of Twilight and Evenfall”. The album opens with “Ascending the Serpent Throne” and the lyrics, scream infinite twists of poetry while descriptive rebirth through death is echoing in ensnarement. ‘’Lo and behold! The Serpent eats its tail. Thus begins a return to Genesis! Cosmic being, ethereal origin. Traverse the plains, rebirth through death infinity.”


This duo from California consists of Atrum Lorde Abbas performing vocals, guitars and bass and Mattias Snyder on drums and keyboards. Although Atrum is the main composer Mattias also has full artistic freedom. Abbas plays on B.C. Ritch ASM or on Jackson Randy Rhoads edition guitars amplified on Peavy 5150 Cab paired with Peavy XXX head as Indesiderium play live shows around California.


Abbas grew up on King Diamond, Slayer and other typical bands. While in high school he transitioned from thrash metal to death metal and ended up with black metal. Those early days of black metal came from underground. Bands like Impaled, Nazarene, Beherit, Mayhem and Immortal were the bands Abbas was obviously inspired in writing the riffs for this album.


As masterminds behind their instruments, Abbas and Mattias started playing their respectable gear around the mid 90s. They created Indesiderium in 2012. This album was released in October 2018 on both digital and CD, which came out on Satanah Records out of Russia, the same label as Watain and Burzum. Abbas is obviously proud to be a part of Satanah Records in releasing the CD and merchandising and promoting the band.


Their music as Abbas describes it is a ‘’medium that allows us to channel and process our negativity. The guitar is the instrument to the soul. It is like a painting, it allows us to explore and express the darkest of the human psyche.’’




Describing the music is no simple task. This is old school black metal from the days of Lord Belial, Gorgoroth and Enthroned. The album cover portrays a skull and bone only lit by a candle, so make sure you dim the lights while sitting down comfortably when listening to the album. The mood is dark and atmospheric at times. Minimal sound waves are painting the structural ambiance of aggression and decay. Mattias on the keyboards makes sure to set the mood as he layers church choir chants in the background. Darkness resides in the vocals whispered in screams on the song “Upon the Shore of Acheron”. ‘’Upon the shores of the river Acheron. I’ve now seen the end of all time. The Hebrew king, architect of their doom. We celebrate the extinguishers of the false light! Through blackened sorcery, a new age has begun! To the depths of Acheron, I cast God’s only son...’’




Although this album is recent, it sounds like classic black metal of the mid 90s-2000s era. Indesiderium is evidently not copying any other bands. To the extreme of being dark, evil, violent, macabre or Satanic is not a need for Abbas to achieve a well structured, well-balanced black metal sound. Musical crafting is an art and obviously Abbas and Mattias are masters at it. The album is aggressive, fast paced, and full of guitar picking. I can’t wait to see them live!




Indesiderium  are  a  band  from Los  Angeles,  California  that  plays  an  occult  form  of  black  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2018  album  "Of  Twilight  And  Evenfall" which  was  released  by  Satanath  Records.


  Tremolo  picking  starts  off  the  album  before  going  into  a  faster  direction  which  also  introduces  blast  beats  onto  the  recording  while  the  vocals  are  mostly  high  pitched  black  metal  screams  along  with  a  few  growls  and  some  of  the  riffing  also  adds  in  a  small  amount  of  thrash  influences.


  At  times  the  riffs  also  bring  in  a  decent  amount  of  dark  sounding  melodies  while  the  songs  also  bring  in  a  great  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  along  with  some  of  the  tracks  being  very  long  and  epic  in  length  as  well  as  the  synths  also  giving  the  songs  more  of  an  atmospheric  feeling  when  they  are  utilized.


  When  guitar  solos  and  leads  are  utilized  they  are  done  in  a very  melodic  style  and  as  the  album  progresses  a  brief  use  of  clean  chants  can  also  be  heard  while  a  later  song  also  adds  in  a  brief  use  of  acoustic  guitars  and  they  close  the  album  with  a  cover  of  Dawn's  "The  Knell  And  The  World".


  Indesiderium  plays  a  style  of  occult  black  metal  that  s  very  aggressive,  melodic  and  atmospheric  sounding,  the  production  sounds  very  professional  while  the  lyrics  cover  Alchemy,  Astral  Projection,  Meditative  Introspection  and  Esoteric  themes.


  In  my  opinion  Indesiderium  are  a  very  great  sounding  occult  black  metal  band  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  musical  genre,  you  should  check  out  this  album.




Il secondo disco degli Indesiderium si potrebbe benissimo usare come esempio di un classico lavoro black metal. Le tracce sono mediamente veloci, aggressive e cattive, per non parlare del cantato, una suppurata cloaca che vomita dolore e morte a titolo esclusivamente gratuito. Non c’è traccia che non presenti un blast beat o una pausa strumentale o riflessiva, non un brano che non trasudi odio o emozioni negative di altra sorta. E soprattutto, è presente un mood atmosferico tutto particolare che solo chi ascolta black sa cogliere e apprezzare, un quid in più rispetto al black mainstream che rappresenta di fatto un sostrato di malignità e furore oscuro che eleva questa musica su un piano completamente diverso da qualsiasi altro sottogenere del metal. Che dire, un album black nel senso pieno del termine, pieno di marcio e malato, sincero come solo un pugno sullo stomaco sa essere.




Muito interessante projecto que nos chega dos E.U.A.. Não chega exctamente agora porque este é já o segundo álbum do duo que assenta na dinâmica, bateria, guitarra e voz. E bem vistas as coisas e por muito que os Inquisition tenham popularizado este formato, a coisa resulta bem e não se sente falta do baixo, embora exista por aqui mais do que uma pista de guitarra, o que ajuda obviamente a encher o som e a ficar poderoso como realmente está. Black metal uptempo e furioso, tal como se quer.




Black Metal aus der Stadt der Engel am Pazifischen Ozean. Da bin ich mal gespannt, was mir das Duo –  Abysmal Mattias / Drums  und Atrum Abbas – Gitarre, Gesang – mit ihren sieben Tracks und einer Laufzeit von 40:20 min. so zu bieten haben.


Der Opener “Ascending the Serpent Throne” bläst brutal zur schwarzen Attacke und lässt die Erzengel Gabriel, Uriel, Michael und Raphael den Rückzug antreten. “Upon the Shores of Acheron” kommt schwerer und gediegener daher. Trotz der Bremse wird es hier nicht heller. Im Hintergrund lauernde engelsgleiche Chöre, gepaart mit musikalisch schwarzer Magie, kreativ solistischen Momenten und einem Hauch Epic umschließen mich.


“Fallen into Shadow” gibt sprichwörtlich wieder mehr gas, treibt alles schön nach vorne um in den Geschwindigkeiten hin und her zu wechseln. Von Infernal bis hin zu straight geradeaus und für meinen Nacken noch machbar. Auch hier findet man im Hintergrund chorales, was dem ganzen zusätzlich noch einen mystisch düsteren Touch verleiht. “The Conqueror’s Return” groovt mit heldenhaft klingenden Sequenzen wunderbar durch die Länge seiner Zeit. Manchmal klingt es ein wenig wie Black Power Metal. Ich hoffe nicht, dass ich ein neues Genre geboren habe….oder doch? Ist doch auch egal! Bis hier ist alles perfekt, genauso wie der spezielle Geschmack von Lakritze.


“Lightless Star: Transcending the Chasm” erinnert mich in einigen klanglichen Passagen an Bathory. Hier wird mit dem Sound der 6-Saiters zur rechten Zeit gespielt, dieser dementsprechend eingesetzt und es schwebt ein Hauch Mystik im dunklen Raum. “Wrathcrown: One Final Victory” hämmert mir mit ingeniöser Wucht die geschwärzten Noten kompromisslos, aber nicht unsortiert um die Ohren. Definitiv ein Favorit. Letzter in diesem siebenfachen Bündel ist “The Knell and the World (Dawn cover)” – ein Cover – eine Interpretation des Songs der schwedischen Death/Melodic Black Metaller DAWN. Dieser Song stammt vom 1998er Album “Slaughtersun (Crown Of The Triarchy)“. Beide Versionen sind klasse, aber diese hier von Indesiderium ist in seiner art ein wenig bissiger. Ein “vergleichen” auf hohem Niveau. Das Original ist es definitiv wert, gehört zu werden. Der eine mag eventuell sogar das Andere besser finden. Geschmäcker halt…….


Fazit: Ich recke beide schwarze Daumen in die Höhe!




True, uncompromisingly raw, melodic and atmospheric Black Metal. That's what this American duo from Los Angeles offers us.


Indesiderium, formed in 2012, have already done a couple of full-length studio albums and one split with another LA-based black metal horde, Gravespawn. Of Twilight and Evenfall... is their second outing and it's a well-crafted piece of a black metal. It's got quite a lot of eerie atmosphere thanks to the keyboards, striking rawness of black metal, sorrowful yet beautiful, melodic moments, some folkish passages (on "Lightless Star: Transcending the Chasm") and everything else that one may crave for a decently done black metal album. In a way, the band somehow tends to remind me of Swedish black metal patrol Mörk Gryning which was very good at wrapping up the rawness of black metal with really cool, catchy melodies. It's no wonder they chose to cover "The Knell and the World" by Swedish melodic black metallers Dawn. Overall, the album is inspired by the more melodic side of the Swedish black metal scene of the early to mid-nineties, which I consider the best period in black metal's entire history.




Indesiderium are a black metal band from Los Angeles, California. They were formed in 2012 and released their first full length album ‘Wander of the Abyssal Plain’ in 2015. Last year, they released their follow up full length title ‘Of Twilight and Evenfall…’ through Satanath Records. If you want to get your hands on a physical copy of their material, only 500 CDs are available, so hurry up!


What to say about the music? Here’s something you probably don’t hear every day: The non-distracting keyboards that still shine through the mix, transform the evil sounding band from a typical one to a band that sounds epic and cool. What is perhaps more surprising (unless you know your old school stuff), the relatively cheap sounds of the keys really add to the atmosphere, as well. However, what mostly makes them stand out is the adventurousness of the wonderfully flowing chord choices, that have dark classical traits.


That’s not to say the guitars don’t have great parts, too. They’re not exactly unique, far from it, but the tasteful way they combine with the other instruments at least partly makes up for the frequent cliches. But cliches are what you probably expect. Have a read through a few reviews on this site, and you will come across many people complaining they hear the same things over and over with the genre. (Tremolo picking, blast beats, etc.)


In conclusion, if you can accept the flaws, you will have a treat for the ears. The music is well constructed, even a little sophisticated whilst maintaining its raw aggression and dark moodiness. It is recommended listening, but if you like your neo-classical vibes over hypnotic or just plain primitive ones, bands like Emperor will probably be better choices for you if you have none of their releases already.




Американские блэк-металлеры, решительно возрождающие дух старой школы нордического блэка. С 12-го года собрались в еретический дуэт. Но до того поиграли в ряде мощных бригад, распространявших черную заразу по североамериканскому континенту и далее по всему миру.


Mattias Snyder - Drums, Percussion (Abysmal Chaos, Wolfgate, ex-Gravespawn ).

Atrum Abbas - Guitars, Vocals (2012-present) (ex-Gravespawn).

Уже в составе INDESIDERIUM в 2015 издали вдвоем полноформат Wanderer of the Abyssal Plains, который с удовольствием пожрали адепты старо-скандинавского саунда. Но с тех пор вдумчиво изменили логотип на более кромешный и стильный. Сочиняли новые песни, корпели у алтаря, воскуривали благовония(?), мне кажется, перечитали Корнелия Агриппу и Папюса. В общем, вели исключительно творческий образ жизни для того чтобы получить ЗНАКИ. Оные были получены и применены в дело (в классической музыке бы сказали: положены на нотный стан). Но тут пахло керосином, серой и еще чем-то специфическим.

Нужно кстати заметить, что наш дуэт на всякий трагический случай пригласил еще одного музыканта для записи этого альбома (который получился еще дольше, чем первый (40 мин.)). Hell Мessiah возжег само собой адские соло на трэках 2, 4, 6, прямо подозрительно — по четным номерам. Видимо тоже оккультные примочки...

В итоге INDESIDERIUM удалось реинкарнировать старое скандинавское пламя. Создав мощный, местами эпический, инфернальный и прецизионный кусок тьмы. Вдохновенный и обжигающий, грозный и вновь бунтарский.

Даже слегка странно два музыканта создают полноценный металлический альбом, для которого ранее требовалось 4-5 человек с гитарами и прочей стальной кухней. Но факт остается при всем этом фактом.

Стартуя с трэка Ascending the Serpent Throne американцы INDESIDERIUM ввергают слушателя в блэк-металличекую бездну, забитую параноидальными беснующимися гитарами, двумя основными экстремальными вокалами: скриминг и низкий харш. Шикарно структурированную. Бестиально меняющую структуру ритма и блестя чешуей ударной установки, как Левиафан, который, кажется, выплеснулся из Тихого океана для того, чтобы вслушаться в знакомые звуки, доносящиеся с калифорнийского побережья.

А послушайте, как вмонтированы вокалы в тело трэка 2 — добротная вивисекция, настоящая хирургия: бензопилой и скальпелями. Дело в том, что Atrum Abbas с самого начала композиции решил вживлять вокал в инструментальные партии, получая изумительный результат межвидовой селекции. Я думаю, что это получилось у него в высшей степени удачно, ибо он, не забывайте, терзает струнные. Так и есть. Это поистине по-блэковому лирическое произведение, минорное и ностальгическое. Еще подтверждаю, что Atrum Abbas - великолепный инструменталист, который может заставить свою гитару плакать.

Блэкеры INDESIDERIUM продолжают тотально и в быстром темпе, демонстрируя прекрасные композиторские способности и свои же ультра-возможности как студийных специалистов.

Этот альбом финализирован кавер-версией апостолов шведского олдового металла мело-дэт-блэкеров Dawn из приснопамятного 1998 года - The Knell and the World. Композиция близка по духу этому альбому и музыканты исполнили ее с чувством, близком эйфории, так мне показалось, во всяком случае...


Для приверженцев Lord Belial, Dawn, Gorgoroth и раннего Satyricon…




Now it's finally the turn of a sophomore album, not of another debut album! We are talking about "Of Twilight and Evenfall..." by Indesiderium (FB page), a US duo from the sunny Los Angeles, California.


"Of Twilight and Evenfall..." (Satanath Rec) is a very happy 7-track album that ranges from a brutal black metal attack worthy of the Swedish masters ("Ascending the Serpent Throne") to a more melodic approach in mid-tempo with melancholic guitars and mysterious keyboards ("Upon the Shores of Acheron"). In brief, unholy and occult black metal played with variety and including also vaguely thrash metal parts. And, to close the legacy with the Swedish black metal, the album is ended through a cover of the majestic 9-minute opus "The Knell and the World" of Dawn. Well done!





VERDIKT: Black metal z Ameriky s trochou závanu evropského větru. Nápady tu jsou, poslech je určitě pohodový, ale trvanlivost není zrovna veselá. Přesto si lze tuhle desku náležitě užít.

Kapela Indesiderium pochází z USA a je to pouze duo. Ale i ve dvou lze udělat slušnou muziku, o čemž svědčí povedené album Of Twilight And Evenfall…, které je zároveň jejich druhým počinem. Hned tady píšu povedené, protože tu hodnotu jistě má.




Jak pokračovat… nuže, tenhle duet hraje black metal. A hraje jej se vší okázalostí, která k němu patří, takže se nebojí sáhnout ani po klávesách, melodiích, sem tam trochu volnějších pasážích a tak. Jinak všechno hrnou v celkem svižném tempu, kdy se nezapomíná na patřičný skřehot, jehož frázování úměrně stíhá kadenci zbytku nástrojů. Je to jednoduše další blackmetalová kapela na světě. Jsou tu, hrají to dobře, vydávají desky… bohužel nic objevného a nového do žánru nepřinášejí, ani se nesnaží cpát do úrovní novodobých trendů okultního vyznění (ačkoliv se to dle obalu může zdát). Mají prostě svůj pohled na věc a nutno dodat, že jim to jde od ruky. Přesto se pár výhrad najde.




Předně mi nesedí až příliš časté pasáže se zpěvy. To proto, že ten vokál je občas vyloženě protivný a jeho zabarvení trochu otravné. Zvyknout se na to pochopitelně dá, ale když mistr hlasu zmlkne, tak si uvědomíte, co všechno by bylo slyšet, kdyby… Takže mimo zpěv je slyšet hlavně velice specifický zvuk bicích, u kterých jsem stále na miskách vah, neboť nejsem schopen uvěřit, že jde o živé bicí ve studiu. Některé jednolitější pasáže totiž mají strojově přesné smyčky. Zkrátka mi nástroj přijde programovaný, čemuž dopomáhá i zvláštní zvuk. Není to hřejivé ševelení blán, ani industriálně plechové řinčení. Je to něco mezi tím. Kupříkladu kopáky mi daly dobře vzpomenout na zvuk živáku Mediolanum Capta Est od Mayhem. Ale tím veškerá podobnost končí.








Těch čtyřicet minut utíká vcelku rychle. Tempo jede z devadesáti procent stále svižně, takže to uhánění vnímáte celkem pozitivně. Díky tomu však ztrácím i nějaké zarážky, které by mi v desce pomohly najít výraznější kusy. Jedinou snad vyčnívající skladbou je závěrečný cover, jenže pokud neznáte originál, tak vlastně ani nepostřehnete, že o cover jde. Tahle verze totiž skvěle sedne po bok zbylých šesti skladeb, které Indesiderium představují. Oním coverem je skladba The Knell And The World, za jejímž autorstvím se musíme vydat do Švédska. Odtud pochází kapela Dawn, která v roce 1998 vydala kvalitní album Slaughtersun (Crown Of The Triarchy), na kterém zmíněná skladba zazněla jako otvírák.




Tahle nahrávka má takový ten typický neduh, který doprovází hodně kapel. Sama o sobě je velice dobrá a slušně provedená. Její poslech dokáže skvěle bavit a nějaké ty chybky tam prostě nehledáte, nebo s dobrým úmyslem přehlížíte. Jenže takový model funguje do chvíle, než přijde něco jiného ze stejného žánru, co je sice jen o píď jiné a o stejnou vzdálenost lepší a klidně i horší. Pak vlastně zjistíte, jak snadno zaměnitelný takový materiál je. V tu chvíli je vám to líto, protože je to prostě škoda. Ta deska i kapela má na to být vidět, ale když světem dokáže hýbat nepřeberné množství tomu podobného… Kdo se v tom má vyznat. Takže jo, je to super deska, ale jestli si na ní vzpomenu třeba za rok - to zaručit nedokážu.




Die 2012 gegründete US Black Metal-Band Indesiderium bringt nach der Split-EP „Abysmal Storm“ mit ihren Landsleuten von Gravespawn aus dem Jahr 2015 nun ihr zweites Album raus. Sie spielen schnörkellosen, traditionellen Black Metal mit dezenten, aber niemals kitschigen Melodien, der aber auch eine düstere Atmosphäre erzeugen kann. Nicht selten fühle ich mich an schwedische Bands wie Marduk oder Nåstrond, aber auch an andere Combos wie Denial Of God oder Cultes Des Ghoules erinnert. Indesiderium schaffen es, mit wenigen Mitteln und Räudigkeit dennoch, finstere Musik zu kreieren. Am besten gefallen sie mir, wenn sie ihre Blastbeats auspacken und sie mit dezenten Keyboard-Teppichen im Hintergrund unterlegen. Das ist Black Metal, wie er Mitte der Neunziger vor allem in Skandinavien gängig war. Dennoch klingt „Of Twilight and Evenfall…“ nicht abgekupfert, sondern zeitlos. Wer solche Musik mag, wird Indesiderium lieben!




Indesiderium are a two-piece from Los Angeles, California, formed in 2012 by vocalist / lyricist / bassist / guitarist / composer Atrum Lorde aka Atrum Abbas, and drummer / keyboardist / mixer / master Mattias ‘No-Body’ Snyder (both of them were colleagues in Gravespawn for quite some time, for your sweet information). They officially debuted in 2015 with the full-length Wanderer Of The Abyssal Plains (self-released). Two tracks from that album made it to a split, called Abysmal Storm, with their brothers-in-arms from Gravespawn. Then everything went silent for a while…


Recently the duo signed to Satanath Records from Saint-Petersburg with the intention to release the sophomore full-length studio album. That one is called Of Twilight And Evenfall…, being released digitally and on compact disc (‘regular’ edition with four-page booklet, printed in 500 copies). The band brings an impenetrable darkness no light can breach via seven newly written lullabies, which do clock forty minutes. And hey, Gravehill’s Hell Messiah contributes as guest solo guitarist on a couple of tracks (the latter being purely informative, yet quite arousing, I think…).


Those trusted with indesiderium’s debut will know what to expect, even though I notice a more melodious and somewhat catchier approach. Of Twilight And Evenfall… (an intriguing title it is) brings quite variated, mainly fast and melodic Black Metal with a Northern Second Wave twist, finding inspiration, I think, within the Swedish scene from the Nineties especially. The duo created another epic album which focuses on melody, atmosphere and technicity. In a very effective way (!), the fact that Of Twilight And Evenfall… actually lacks of originality is of no importance. [and for what it is worth: I think that lacking originality does not have to be a negative aspect, as long as 1) the result is not just a copy-paste thing and 2) the result is at least as agreeable as the inspirational sources] Well, this duo offers something that refers to the scene from two decades ago (or little more), but quite fading away lately, so that’s something playing in favour of this project for sure. But actually, Indesiderium’s Black Metal reminds us of the roots in some way – and that’s something we have to be grateful for.


Anyway, their Black Metal is mainly fast, yet with a lot of variation in speed. I mean, there are several blasting outbursts at the one hand, and great decelerations too. The basics are focusing on melody and harshness, nicely combined in an organic manner. The melodious aspects go for the main riffs throughout every single composition. The (lead) guitar lines are of huge importance, but do not underestimate the fine and crafted solos and dual / duelling tremolo riffs. Is this a guitar-based album especially? No, it is not, actually, despite a certain focus on the guitar-laden essence. At least as important, and that’s something you may not forget, is the rhythm section, which heavily supports the guitar-based concept of the melodious tracks. The rhythm guitars, bass lines and drum patterns are of a high quality too, and must be hailed too, for without those, the result would sound like a cheap guitar / vocal thing. …which brings me to the vocals of Atrum Lorde. These ones are somewhat shrieking and high-pitched; not the hysterical way (cf. many acts within the DSBM-scene), yet both melancholic and angry. In combination with the instrumental diversification, it’s a match-fit! About 95 % goes this way, but there are some more vocal variations too, like a handful of deep growling grunts and harmony chants.


I did not mention the keyboards yet. Well, there are keyboards. So, there you have it… No, seriously, the extremely subtle use of atmospheric synth lines is another surplus. They are not taking a leading role throughout the whole album, but for sure they do strengthen the atmospheric and dreamlike concept when used.


Another fine element is the injection of some epic, even Viking (Black) Metal-inspired moments. Once again this does remind me of the (Swedish) scene from about twenty - twenty-five years ago. Listen to The Conqueror’s Return to find out the glorious and victorious approach…


Oh yes, the physical version comes with a bonus track, being a cover song by Dawn (one of the possible influences of Indesiderium), namely The Knell And The World. Like usual, ‘the original is always better’, but believe me if I dare to pretend that this reinterpretation is almost at least as impressive as the original one.


As said: if you’re looking for something totally renewing, you better skip this stuff. But if you can appreciate fine Melodic Black Metal from the mid-Nineties period, inspired by the likes of Mörk Gryning, Midvinter, Lord Belial, Unanimated, Sacramentum, and why not, Emperor, Enthroned or Bathory (the Viking-era), then this band / album is something for you, dear reader…


…or if you want to: Crushing United States Black Metal from below the terrestrial planes, the lightless voids of the abyssal realms. Unholy Black Metal invoked through the ashes of the elders […] through means of astral projection and meditative introspection. You’re welcome…





There is no doubt what this is all about. Total fucking black metal assault. as a huge fan of Marduk and Dark Funeral I revel in the chance of hearing this sort of assault on the senses. There is something special to a band that takes no prisoners and just goes for the throat. I tend to be very repetitive in what I write when it comes to this sort of black metal but that is because the music takes over and the words don’t really mean that much. This is the fist pumping in the air kinda metal. you don’t have to think too much when listening to this.





The 2nd long play by the pretending to be evil duo from Los Angeles, California propagates a typical, very plain kind of US black metal alloy. The riffs and the melody chains are rather simple there. Thus the overall information squeezed into the 7 songs is close to neglecting. For some parts I've noticed the influence of Absu, which is OK, but the lack of good songs and originality makes their stuff sound totally monotonous and grey. Then we have those annoying drums, which were programmed properly, but the selected samples sound so horrible to me. The duet – Atrum Lorde (all guitars, bass & vocals) and Mattias (all battery & keys) – says they play crushing United States black metal, well it is not crushing at all. It's plain and melodic, but that's all! In three tracks we can witness the guest solos by Hell Messiah from Gravehill, he did a good job. The booklet was designed in a minimalistic way, albeit it looks decent and tasteful. "Of Twilight and Evenfall..." lasts nearly 40 and a half minutes and hides a special tune at the end of it, which in fact is a cover version of Swedish Dawn's lengthy song called "The Knell and the World". It was arranged and interpreted quite well. So if you are into the US type of black metal, but also like Scandinavian hordes as Lord Belial, Dawn, Gorgoroth and Satyricon, then go ahead and order Indesiderium's second album!!!







Ce groupe originaire de Los Angeles, déjà auteur d'un premier album paru en 2015, Wanderer of the Abyssal plains, nous propose un Black Metal profondément occulte et ésotérique, capable aussi bien d'un brutalité inouie ("Ascending the serpent throne") que de morceaux beaucoup plus axés sur l'atmosphère et les ténèbres ("Upon the Shores of Acheron"). Les deux membres du groupe, anciens Gravespawn et Abysmal Chaos, maîtrisent fort bien l'art noir, et nous entraînent dans leur spirale astrale et ésotérique, nostalgique d'un temps où des dieux oubliés dominaient ce monde...


"In a time before man, before the first light.

The world was ruled by the elder gods.

The soil was molten and the sea’s were restless.

The blood of the earth blew into dark skies.

Clouds of sulphur hung high above.

For reasons unknown, the seeds of life took root."(Extrait de "Upon the Shores of Acheron")




 Une profonde mélancolie, celle de guerriers revenus du champ de bataille sans victoire, nous envahit à l'écoute de ce très bon album, produit avec doigté, pour un rendu à la fois puissant et dynamique. Le groupe fait partie de l'écurie du label Satanath Records, venu de Saint-Petersbourg (Russie) et proposant un catalogue de qualité sur lequel nous reviendrons.




Alors, bien sûr, Indesiderium ne va pas révolutionner le genre, là n'est pas son propos, mais son Black Metal solide, ornementé de claviers qui savent poser une ambiance sans être par trop invasifs, avec ça et là un growl Death Metal venant se suppléer aux cris aigus typiques du BM, sait se montrer convaincant sur la durée et séduira les amateurs du genre, pour peu qu'il soit épique et occulte. Des mages guerriers ? Et pourquoi pas ?




Prenez une bonne dose des débuts d'EMPEROR, ajoutez-y une pointe d'ANCIENT (première période), et saupoudrez le tout d'une pincée de de DARK FUNERAL (pour la double pédale aux rythmes tachycardiaques et les furieuses accélérations de blast-beats), et vous obtiendrez ceci : telle est en effet la recette d'INDESIDERIUM, groupe d'USBM basé à Los Angeles, et dont ce premier opus longue durée sort sur l'excellent label russe Satanath Records.


Projet originellement né sous la forme d'un duo, qu'un line up complémentaire devrait prochainement rejoindre afin d'assurer des prestations scéniques, Of Twilight And Evenfall... n'en constitue cependant pas le tout premier jet, puisqu'il fait suite à un mini-album cinq pistes intitulé Wanderer Of The Abyssal Plains, et autoproduit en 2015.


Sont donc présentés ici sept titres d'un Black Metal rageur somme toute très classique mais de fort bonne facture et sans concessions, aux tempos plutôt rapides, sans pour autant sacrifier la noirceur ni même -parfois- la mélodie à la brutalité. Brutal, ça l'est pourtant globalement, mais sans excès, sans outrances. L'âme noire qui émane de l'ensemble de l'oeuvre, imprégnée d'esprit occulte et d'ésotérisme ténébreux, y est efficacement mise en valeur, et fait de ce disque le digne héritier des grands anciens des années 1990, dans la lignée desquels il s'inscrit incontestablement. Le septième et dernier morceau, The Knell and the World, n'est autre, d'ailleurs, qu'une reprise du groupe suédois DAWN, de cette glorieuse époque.



Aucune vraie surprise ni audacieuse innovation à en attendre, donc. Juste une musique authentique et intègre, rehaussée par des compositions qui, à défaut d'être d'une grande originalité, on du moins le mérite de tenir la route et de faire de cet album une production de qualité. Il est par ailleurs à noter que le pressage du CD a été limité à 500 exemplaires. Compte tenu de l'assez bonne couverture promotionnelle dont il a d'ores et déjà pu bénéficier via les fanzines, les webzines et sur les réseaux sociaux, et de l'accueil plutôt favorable dont il semble avoir fait l'objet, il est à craindre qu'il soit avant peu épuisé, et devienne assez rapidement un objet recherché. Donc s'il vous tente, si vous souhaitez l'acquérir facilement et à prix raisonnable, ne tardez pas.




L'univers Black Metal des années 90' fait des nostalgiques ! C'est pourquoi de nombreux groupes s'attardent à fonder leur esthétique musicale sur les codes musicaux d'époque avec un son raw. Le duo américain Indesiderium en fait partie, et propose un Black Metal mélodique old-school. Of Twilight And Evenfall..., qui nous intéresse aujourd'hui, est le second album studio du groupe, paru en 2018, trois années après un premier long-format et un split.


Dès les premières notes, un son rauque, des tremolos et des blasts posent une base instrumentale efficace, rapidement enrichie d'une voix venue d'outre-tombe, aussi rugueuse que l'instrumental. La recette est simple, efficace et accrocheuse. Les riffs sont rapides, et si la volonté n'est en aucun cas d'apporter une nouveauté au genre, les compositions sont de bonnes factures dans un esprit conservateur des codes des années 90'.


Si Indesiderium nous introduit à une forme de Black Metal classique avec guitare/basse/batterie/chant, le second titre de l'album, "Upon The Shores Of Acheron", prend une dimension proche d'Emperor avec l'ajout de nappes de synthé. Le caractère aérien est bienvenu et apporte un vent de fraîcheur après les tremolos du premier titre. Cependant, une production approximative sur ce titre rend l'écoute difficile : les transitions sont faites à la va-vite et dans certains cas, comme les riffs à 1'06 (qui aurait mérité un petit réenregistrement) ou à 4'28 sont clairement le résultat d'un collage très approximatif doublé à une justesse qui laisse à désirer. Alors certes certains diront que la production old-school doit être brute pour faire authentique, mais il ne faut pas confondre sonorités old-school et erreur d'enregistrement !


Toujours dans un esprit Emperor, la suite de l'album laisse une place importante aux chœurs synthétiques planants, qui apportent une dimension mystique à la musique. Notons cependant le titre "The Conqueror's Return", où Indesiderium revient à une musique plus crue, entrecoupée d'un refrain épique qui n'est pas sans rappeler une esthétique proche de Rotting Christ apportée par les chœurs d'hommes et le lead de la guitare. Mais le décalage entre le couplet qui sonne un peu creux et le refrain crée un décalage qui rend l'écoute inconfortable les premières fois...


Cependant, le retour des nappes de claviers et les compositions mieux maîtrisées sur les derniers titres de l'album font oublier les quelques défauts présents sur l'opus. Les deux derniers morceaux et la cover de Dawn façon Black Metal old-School rendent un bel hommage à cette période révolue.


En bref, cet album s'adresse aux nostalgique du Black Metal des 90', façon Emperor/Bathory avec malgré tout quelques imperfections de production qui auraient pu être corrigées. Pour autant, l'écoute générale est agréable et fait en quelque sorte l'effet d'une capsule temporelle pour se retrouver 25 ans en arrière.





Doing this since 2001 I don’t believe that I’ve ever had the opportunity to listen to a black metal act from Los Angeles/California?! Indesiderium are just that, an uncompromising black metal duo from the city of angels. Their sound is no voice of angels, but rather an uncompromising, raw, melodic and atmospheric black metal.


The band was founded in 2012 and Of Twilight And Evenfall… is their second full-length from 2018. It is a well-crafted piece of true and honest black metal that is presented on these seven lengthy tracks. There’s a great deal of eerie atmosphere here due to the inclusion of keyboards, but apart from these beautiful and melodic moments, this album is still raw, dirty and dark black metal. I like the mix and I like the numerous tempo and mood changes. Apart from the aforementioned shinning keys, what mostly makes them stand out are wonderfully flowing chords with these dark classical traits, blast beats and tremolo picking. I guess one can say that Of Twilight And Evenfall… is mainly inspired, probably unintentionally, by the melodic side of a Scandinavian/Swedish black metal scene.


The mixing and production part are just as it is supposed to be, a tasteful combination of different instruments where all can be heard clearly. Song-writing is obviously good and the music is sophisticated and well constructed. Even the cover artwork perfectly fits the overall atmosphere and sound of this record!


Overall, Of Twilight And Evenfall… is more than just a decent black metal album, it is a total black metal sonic assault. Indesiderium takes no prisoners – a highly recommended for worshippers of Dark Funeral, Marduk, Emperor, Dawn and similar scene giants.