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If you’re a fan of Billy Idol, then you may have been directed to the wrong location, because this is not a nice day for a white wedding. Rather, it’s a nice day for a black wedding! More specifically, a Black Mass Wedding! Indeed, that is the title of the upcoming record by the doomy death metal band Bestialord. But don’t cower away too quickly, because it isn’t as harmful as it may suggest. While many of the “death/doom” tagged bands lay on the droning buzzes and incomprehensible drawn out growls way too much, no such problem exists here. Don’t believe me? See for yourself with today’s premiere, “Writhe With Serpents.”


That’s right, ahead of the album’s release, you can hear this easy-to-digest number that has just the right amount of spice, and the perfect amount of spooooooky! Raw production and an ear for melody make for strong and sinister riffs that carry plenty of memorability just waiting to get stuck in your ear. On top of that, you can expect vocals that are balanced the exact same way. For those seeking the mean and raspy delivery of death metal, look no further. For those seeking hooks and a strong sense of rhythm, look no further as well. All of this is rides on slower tempos that reflect the traditional doom style, and the combination here is just fantastic.


But, if you’re not satisfied with just this one number to hold your empty stomach over until the release date, then I’ve got some great news for you! You can find Bestialord’s previous record Law Of The Burning over on Bandcamp.



This trio hails from Wichita, Kansas, and this is their sophomore album. They consist of members of such stalwart oldie bands as Manilla Road and Sanctus Infernum and while you can hear elements of both in their sound, Bestialord has their own brand of pummeling, swaggering heft that should put a smile on the face of most metal fans.


This is Death/Doom with more emphasis on the Doom. The songs swing with caveman-like glee and the vocals are gargled and rough but still understandable. The riffs are heavy and crunch with plenty of bluesy swagger underpinning them, giving the music a bit of dark soul within its evil tales. This won’t appeal to everyone but if you are a fan of heavy music, I can’t see why you wouldn’t get into this. Slinging stories of horror and Lovecraftian terror, Bestialord wear what they love on their sleeves, obviously inspired by horror literature and movies. Tale after tale of ghoulish lore and apocalyptic dread are spun out, carried and enhanced by the immense riffs and thudding drumming.


There are no gimmicks here, no flashy tricks. These guys deliver pretty much straight up horror metal, the pace always slow and sludgy. The vocals remind of Acid Witch and will be really the only impediment to some people enjoying this, but they fit the music so well and hey, I like this kind of guttural grunting. The vocals don’t dress up the music and don’t make it any prettier. There is a gothic feel here, but not of romantic castles and dark passages, but instead of crumbling castles and rotting, fetid dungeons. The singing perfectly complements these stories of darkness and despair. But never fear, this is not dreary or depressing. These guys carry everything off with a sense of humor. Think Svengoolie, only they throw chopped off heads at him instead of rubber chickens, and you’ll get the idea.


Highly recommended for fans of Cathedral, Celtic Frost, King Diamond and Pentagram. This one floats easily in 70’s swagger metal but sounds modern and vibrant. Dark tones and dark tales for dark times.




The Wichita city lies somewhat south of the state of Kansas, at the Arkansas River, and the city was founded in 1870. 146 years later, the doom metal band Bestialord was founded. Bestialord was established by former members of Manilla Road and Sanctus Infernum.


Inspired by horror and occult literature the band entered Red Cat Recording Studio in early 2017. They emerged with their debut album Law Of The Burning which was released by Symbol Of Domination Productions and Cimmerian Shade Recordings on January 1, 2018.


Bestialord has returned with their second foreboding opus Black Mass Wedding. This macabre offering abounds with forbidden lore, apocalyptic visions, and Lovecraftian nightmare. Probably a must listen for fans of Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate, Pentagram, Morbid Angel, Candlemass, Death, Black Sabbath. Artwork by Erskine Designs.


The new album has a raw production and an ear for melody make for strong and sinister riffs that carry plenty of memorability just waiting to get stuck in your ear. On top of that, you can expect vocals that are balanced the exact same way. For those seeking the mean and raspy delivery of death metal, look no further. For those seeking hooks and a strong sense of rhythm, look no further as well. All of this is rides on slower tempos that reflect the traditional doom style, and the combination here is very well performed.




Tendo debutado ano passado com o bem recebido, “Law Of The Burning”, o Bestialord (sem pausar as máquinas), acrescenta nesse ano em vigência mais uma página à sua discografia, o teatralmente malévolo, “Black Mass Wedding”.


A dinâmica e estrutura do trabalho anterior foi mantida quase que em sua totalidade, muito embora a produção esteja mais rebuscada, ainda que devidamente suja e levemente abafada (“imperfeições” necessárias, discos de Doom Metal com produções demasiadamente cristalinas tendem a perder porcentagens de sua beleza).


Em relação as composições, baixo e bateria seguem linhas simples/mezzo básicas e até previsíveis, mas que em nada afetam a desenvoltura do álbum, que se concentra nos riffs pesados e na proeminência dos solos, bem compostos e executados, frisasse.


Destacar melhores momentos é desnecessário, pois “Black Mass Wedding” consegue manter a mesma tônica do início ao fim, mas cito a trinca inicial composta pela faixa título junto a “Coven Of The Dead” e “This World My Tomb”, dessas faixas que definem álbuns – os outros momentos memoráveis são, “Dr. Phibes”, que curiosamente me lembrou algo do Sigh, e “Now It Begins” com seu início cheio de ótimos riffs, um solo muito bem colocado, baixo “na lata”, e um acentuado clima de filme de terror dos anos 80, pra mim, um clássico do Bestialord desde já.


Um significativo e forte segundo capítulo, que logicamente já pede por uma continuação, algo que o Bestialord tirará de letra devido a incontestável competência de seus membros.




I hate throwing around ideals like Occult metal but this Kansas force  mix strong Occult elements into  Thrash,Death and Proto Doom. If I was to say they have a very  Celtic Frost meets  Entombed meets Sacred Reich vibe going on here . The 90's thrash and more melodic  Death elements really do shine here. I know they say there are Manilia road members here but the two bands sound nothing alike . This is much more sinister and dark from the moment go. Yes that retro element of older extreme metal is here for sure but for one I love it . They really have a Deceased / Coroner vibe going on here as well. Didint think this was going to be for me with what I was reading and this one is a real grower and the more I listen the more I find more to love here. The melodies are heavy and catchy too. Again another band were the bass really kicks as that those Mercyiful Fate solo are in full force here. Ok I'm done just fucking listen already..




Второй альбом Death/Doom Metal группы из штата Канзас. Напомню состав:

Chris Johnson - Drums, еще в Sanctus Infernum.

Mark Anderson - Guitars, Vocals, еще в Sanctus Infernum, ex-Grand Facade, ex-Manilla Road, ex-Inner Voice, ex-Pain Purveyor, ex-Satyros.

Rob Harris - Bass.

«Напомню», потому что первый альбом я уже обозревал. Он выходил на Symbol Of Domination. Небольшая цитата: «Именитые музыканты написали более 40 минут мощного эзотерического материала, который действительно, если вслушаться, поднимает старейшие слои металла, чем и исключительно ценен, ибо например, группа Coroner и Celtic Frost уже никогда не напишут альбомы из середины 80-х...»

Лейбл обозначил этот альбом как Doom Metal, архивы - как Death/Doom Metal, а я также внесу свой вклад. Потому что это непростой Death/Doom Metal. На альбоме явственно чувствуются хэви-метал подходы, команда продолжила хирургические исследования жанра, но не как самоцель — ваять что-то под старину, под олдовые дела, а создавать Occult Horror Metal — так указано в фб группировки. И причем очень убедительно исполнять его.

И надо быстрее отметить, хотя думаю, что не забыл бы. На этом диске саунд-инженер отлил такой звук! Низа реально долбят в подпол, бомбят молотообразные ударные — вот такой эффект! Это отлично срабатывает с массивным музыкальным материалом. Который просто вжимает в спинку стула. И гитарная решительная танковая атака имеют большой успех в давлении, создаваемом на дорожках компакта.

Три музыканта, напомню, - это платиновый состав в метал музыке, когда исполнители не прячутся друг за друга — просто не имеют такой возможности. А наоборот - выкладываются на полную катушку. Лемми из Моторхэд часто высказывался на страницах своей автобиографии на тему: трио или квартет? Ему удавались оба варианта, но трио он всегда подчеркивал как мощный конструктив и супер-мотивацию.

Mark Anderson, вы заметили - и гитара, и вокалы. Это может быть накладывает какой-то отпечаток на исполнение - особенно живое, но здесь в некоторых местах заметно, что он поет «вместе», «параллельно» своей гитаре, создавая довольно мощное течение в музыкальной композиции. Это, видимо, самый опытный музыкант в бригаде, он по праву задает тон и направление движения, и будьте уверены - все, что он задумал, то будет исполнено.

Не могу не сказать о его гитарной работе в номере 5 - «Dr. Phibes". Это компо - из лучших на компакте. Упомянутые соляки Марка — не сказать бы что супер-арпеджио)), нет, но как ложатся в стезю трэка!, органично и мелодично распластывая эту композицию вдоль и поперек - как финским ножом. Его вокал жестокий, но разборчивый и сам - как молоток, - поет, словно гвозди вбивает - только послушайте.

Мрачный и одновременно забойный 40-минутный альбом.

Интересно, что испанский веб-журнал METALBROTHERS.ES включил сабжевый альбом в свой международный ТОП-40 за 2019 год.

Шестистраничный буклет «раскладушка». Pit-Art CD. Напомню, что пит-арт это рисунок, выпиленный лазером на рабочей стороне диска, на пространстве, которое осталось свободным от музыки.




Beastialord began life in the 2016 and back on June 20th of this year, 2019, have released their sophmore full length with this album we are talking about here, “Black Mass Wedding.” Hailing from Wichita, Kansas in the United States, this trio write and produce some metal that I always just associate with fun. Fun to listen to, drive to, work to and drink to.


Musically Beastialord sound like what would happen if Megadeth and Trouble got drunk and jammed it out with Abbath’s brother on vocals. So basically it is a mix of Traditional Doom intermingling with some mid-era Thrash Metal and some harsh Black-n-Roll type vocals to create a ripping fun ride of an album. A ride that ebbs and flows between speeds and songs, creating an experience that can be most relatable to metal from the late 80’s. Heavy, fast, slow and everything in between while still being very much the same band and also fun to listen to or experience.


Yup, that’s pretty much all I got to say about this album. It’s fun, it’s good, it’s worth you looking into, no matter what style of Metal you are most into. It does not need to be explained at length, it just needs you to get it, hit play and throw up those horns.




Wichita (Kansas) esta región de Estados Unidos vio nacer a una de las mayores leyendas de todos los tiempos del Heavy Metal Underground, los inmortales Manilla Road que tanto añoramos tras el triste fallecimiento de Mark Shelton pero la vida debe seguir.

De Wichita precisamente procede una de las bandas más excitantes de los últimos tiempos, los Bestialord. Esta banda se creó en octubre del 2016 por Mark Anderson y Chris Jhonson. Mark estuvo en Manilla Road como guitarrista del 2000 al 2002, tanto Mark como Chris coincidieron en la banda Sanctus Infernum de Wichita una banda de Black/Death/Doom.

Puntuamos su álbum de debut del 2018 con un 9 y apareció en nuestra codiciada lista de los mejores 40 álbumes del año, una lista que cada vez está teniendo más repercusión debido al gran volumen de reseñas que hacemos, pues con este trabajo van a intentar aprovechar la dinámica del año pasado.

Digamos que su base es el Doom, eso es lo que da equilibrio a sus temas pero le añaden toda una coctelera de Heavy Metal oscuro, Black, Death a sus temas como en Black Mass Widding que no puede sonar más primitivo y recuerda a una mezcla entre Venom y Bathory y siempre con esas pinceladas de Heavy Metal clásico.

Regresa el esquema de metal clásico en Coven Of The Dead, me recuerda a Manilla Road y a la oscuridad de álbumes como Mystification o The Courts of Chaos, le dan mucha importancia al solo de guitarra en este tema y con una base rítmica monótona pero con un sonido tan añejo y primitivo que entra a la primera.

Tienen ese sabor amargo y muy oscuro con un peso en la composición similar al que tenía la mítica banda de Scaccia (otro que echamos tanto de menos como al bueno de Shelton) el líder de los Rigor Mortis como demuestran en This World My Tomb solo que las composiciones son más lentas.

También tienen ese toque oscuro en la composición como en Magna Mater que le quieren dar un enfoque Doom al asunto pero con unos cambios de ritmo agresivos que me recuerdan a los Tyrant una banda de Us Power americana creada a finales de los setenta pero también tienen el aire oscuro de los Cirith Ungol o de los Brocas Helm.

Echo en falta la recreación de una atmósfera a golpe de teclados u órgano Hammond considero que sería algo que aportaría a sus temas un plus añadido a la calidad ya existente. Muy buena idea la de un ritmo de batería más acelerado en Dr. Phibes que me recuerdan a la sinceridad de los temas de Bathory de los noventa en álbumes como Octagon que si le quitas la producción y el aire industrial que le quiso dar te encuentras con una especie de Speed/Punk oscuro.

Vengeance Needs Blood con un juego de guitarras que rozan el Death/Thrash metal de los inicios de Chuck Schuldiner con sus Mantas, está claro que tienen las ideas muy claras desde el primer momento. Write With Serpents vuelve a tener más dinamismo en la base rítmica y siempre con el bajo aportando su grano de arena para oscurecer el trabajo. Now It Begins finaliza el trabajo con una pausa y un aire atmosférico típico de bandas de mezcla de estilos de metal clásico mezclado con unas atmósferas típicas del metal extremo, tiene un trabajo en la guitarra muy creativo este último tema.

Superar las prestaciones de su anterior trabajo era muy complicado pero siguen estando a un nivel muy alto y es una de las bandas con una mejor mezcla de estilos y que suena con más carácter de la escena internacional, Bestialord sigue siendo una de las bandas del momento.




Второй полноформатный лонгплей от трио американских оккультистов. “Black Mass Wedding” посвящён лидеру культовых Manilla Road Марку «Акуле» Шелтону, скончавшемуся летом 2018-го. Печальный повод, но достойный способ отдать дань памяти великому музыканту, тем более что гитарист «бестиалов» Марк Андерсон лично был знаком с Шелтоном и успел записать в составе Manilla Road два альбома. Стилистически “Black Mass Wedding” представляет из себя достаточно неспешный, качающе-марширующий дэт-дум с рычащим вокалом, сухим прозрачным звуком и лирикой, базирующейся на мистике, дьявольщине и прочих сатанинских делах. «Несущей конструкцией» творчества Bestialord, его музыкальным каркасом являются бездушно-холодные, словно гипнотизирующие своим монотонным ритмом риффы. Если описывать их как визуальные образы, то они похожи на вязкие, однообразные движения зомби из профильных фильмов (но правильных, «медленных» зомби)… Практически в каждой композиции есть великолепное гитарное соло, на фоне угрюмого риффового массива представляющееся впрыском живой воды в иссохшую мёртвую плоть – и вот хотя бы ради того, насколько интересно звучат они, будучи вплетёнными в общую атмосферу тревоги и опасности, и стоит услышать этот диск. Из восьми альбомных песен как минимум четыре тянут на твёрдое «хорошо» (это не значит, что остальные плохи: помните про субъективность!). Лучшая композиция на альбоме – бодрый, даже можно сказать, энергичный “Dr. Phibes” (на базе английского хоррор-фильма «Ужасный Доктор Файбс»). Ещё три достойных номера – медленный, болотно-трясинный “Vengeance Meets Blood” с неожиданно разогнавшейся в галоп концовкой, зловещий “Magna Mater” и финальный величественный “Now It Begins” (оцените адскую считалочку в середине трека!). Рекомендовать “Black Mass Wedding” всем и каждому было бы неверным решением – всё-таки Bestialord исполняют достаточно узкоформатный продукт, и эту вяжущую рот олдскульность оценят немногие… Однако все, кто уважает эстетику классического хоррора, любит здоровый минимализм и не прочь расширить свой кругозор знакомством с ещё одной старомодной командой – добро пожаловать на свадебную церемонию.





Schwimmen wir doch mal wieder über den großen Teich und widmen uns einer US-Band. Bestialord aus Kansas beispielsweise existieren seit 2016 und konnten ihr Lineup 2017 mit einem Bassisten vervollständigen. Seitdem stehen die Zeichen auf Sturm und 2018 folgte das erste Album. Bereits ein Jahr später folgte mit „Black Mass Wedding“ das zweite Bollwerk der Death/Doom-Bastion.


Wer allerdings 0815-Death-Doom der Marke „Doom mit Growls“ erwartet, wird schnell enttäuscht, denn Bestialord sind auch musikalisch deutlich von altem Death Metal beeinflusst. Dadurch entsteht ein räudiger Mix aus schleppendem Walzen und druckvollen, dreckigen Riffs der alten Schule. Das Album trieft vor Schwärze, Tod und Satanismus ohne die Okkultschiene zu fahren, sondern einfach durch düsteren, schweren, dreckigen und groben Death Metal. Da sorgt schon die Produktion mit seiner Rohheit (ohne schlecht zu klingen) und viel sägenden Gitarren für einen schön verkommenen Eindruck und die langsamen, gelegentlich dissonanten und oft mantra-artigen Riffs sorgen für eine schön verstörende Atmosphäre, können aber auch anders und sorgen immer wieder für rockige Ausflüge und ein paar Soli schleichen sich auch ein. Schon beim Opener und Titelsong „Black Mass Wedding“ zeigt das Trio was in ihnen steckt und sorgen für okkulte, rituelle und doch erdige Sounds, bei denen die Riffs und der Gesang im Vordergrund steht. Letzterer treibt mit grimmigen, rasselnden, aber nicht allzu tiefen Growls sein Unwesen und erhärtet damit den ranzigen Old-School-Charakter und liefert gleich noch einen bissigen bis giftigen Unterton mit. Auch das gelegentlich Mehrstimmige verleiht dem Ganzen noch etwas mehr Nachdruck. Highlight des Albums ist allerdings „Dr. Phibes„, der mit den wohl spannendsten Riffs, einem coolen Death-Metal Grundgerüst aufwartet und eigentlich nur im Refrain deutlich schwerer und stampfender zu Werke geht. Doch auch die anderen Tracks sind nicht weniger kurzweilig und sorgen für dreckigen Spaß. Alles in allem klingt die Scheibe meist wie ein langsames Death Metal-Album mit Rock-Einflüssen und nicht nach typischem Death/Doom.


Wer also Bock hat auf langsamen, old-schooligen aber doch eigenständigen Death Metal, der ranzig, etwas okkult und düster ist, der sollte Bestialord mal anchecken, denn die Jungs aus Amerika verstehen es, grimmigen Death Metal mit schwerem, langsamen Doom und ein paar rockigen Elementen zu etwas ziemlich interessantem und in Ansätzen okkulten zu verwandeln. Noch dazu schwingt hier und da der Vibe von alten Horrorfilmen mit. „Black Mass Wedding“ kann sich also absolut hören lassen.




Sophomore album from Bestialord is confirmation for me that they do know the sound of the band because their debut (Law Of The Burning from 2018) has very similar sound signature as their new offering. Black Mass Wedding is well produced album but unpolished - obscurely sounding, like those 70`s 80` albums/bands that have not had today’s technology to record music differently or they did choose not to. It seems a positive case with Bestialord, because their metal sounds very real and original, as if not from our era.

The guitar work in songs is kind of primitive, but it does not mean their musicianship is bad - it`s quite in contrary.That's how they decided to play songs for which I like the music of this band, the song-writing is  spontaneous and authentic. It`s in style of old metal fathers but, Bestialord has their own ways to make it interesting.

A few riffs in this album are influenced by Black Sabbath that they buried some it this death/thrash metal sound of theirs and if I had to compare them to other bands also, that would be Acheron, Celtic Frost which in general is more accurate. Harsh vocals have always sounded essential for Bestialord, I really dig it and appreciate that I do need anything else to help me understand lyrics of the band. They are inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, necromancy, spiritual matters, so, it`s pretty dark and doomed stuff that seem the only way to fulfil Bestialord with evil blood so they can be who/what they are.


They play averagely mid-paced songs with some groove and an occult black metal atmosphere (American black metal usually sounds more like death metal, strangely I do not know why)  - meaning is that you just know that Devil has its nest here, in this album, no matter of a music genre.

On previous record – Law Of The Burning, there was a great, atmospheric song called What is The End, on this album, it`s Now It Begins which has similar vibe, also prayer chants, beyond-dark keyboard passages and distinct drum-bass/guitar rhythm section. These songs are like Bestialord's second face. Hope they will be able to create an album only in this vein! The other songs I can recommend from the new album are This World My Tomb, Dr. Phibes but this may change any time soon because in each track you can hear good riffs although none of them stands out particularly (except last song).




Here comes the second full-length CD by Wichita-located necromancers – Bestialord. Their line-up didn't change since their debut record "Law of the Burning", so you can hear the sounds of horror and occult transferred by the same evil souls, namely Mark Anderson (guitar/vocals), Rob Harris (bass) and Chris Johnson (drums). The ominous trio continues to spread their special kind of sonic nightmare upon the masses. The eight album tracks are full of very exciting spells converted into the most hideous chants, groovy yet twisted riffs, tricky bass lines, unmerciful beats of doom and last but not least unearthly solos. It is sounding magnificent, heavy, twisted, deadly and it is definitely old-school like. If you ask me, the music found on "Black Mass Wedding" can be described as a doom metal version of Morbid Angel's first classics. During the circa 41-minute long stuff you are going to headbang in a non-stop mode. It is a very well-written album that first and foremost I would like to advise for fans of Morbid Angel, Acheron, Incantation, Evil Incarnate, Obituary and Nocturnus. Get it, death/doom metal at its best!!! My fave cuts are: "Coven of the Dead", "Magna Mater" and "Writhe with Serpents".




Bestialord are the product of Sanctum Infernum members Mark Anderson and Chris Johnson wanting to make some back-to-basics US Death Metal and, for what it's worth, they're pretty good at it. Black Mass Wedding is a chunk of meaty, slow to mid-paced Death Metal that recalls the early days of the genre where bands like Necrophagia (R.I.P.), Morta Skuld, and Viogression roamed the underground scene. There's nothing original about this, and it can be as clumsy and tedious as some of their inspirations were back when the genre was being formed, but overall it's a solid work of ballsy, bulldozer-heavy Death Metal that's just good enough to justify its existence.




Diretamente de Wichita (Kansas) o Bestialord trouxe ao mundo uma ótima influência de Metal extremo com o seu chamado Occult Horror Metal.


Em "Black Mass Wedding" (lançado em 2019) vemos muita densidade, riffs na maior escola pesada com melodias intrinchadas, sem contar que com sua produção voltada para os mais variados fãs de extremo, entrega uma margem interessante.


O trio envolvido aqui é competente e merece a sua atenção, seja pelo lado rápido e criativo de compor quanto em seus temas culminando muito bem com a sonoridade.




C’est maintenant un combo américain qui arrive dans nos pages avec cet album « Black Mass Wedding » sorti en 2019 chez Grimm Distribution et le moins que l’on puisse dire c’est que Bestialord propose un death metal ultra accrocheur aux variantes heavy doom rock.


Le combo met en avant un côté très groovy sur la rythmique mais aussi sur les riffs catchy.


N’attendez pas un death ultra technique mais comptez plutôt sur un death certes plus basique mais qui pousse au headbang dans le bon esprit.


On pensera automatiquement à Metallica sur des morceaux comme « Coven Of The Dead » ou encore « Now It Begins » avec leur mid tempo entraînant, les soli bien balancés et toujours ce côté groovy doomy rock.


On appréciera les nappes de clavier sur « Now It Begins » qui posent un esprit plus atmosphérique sur les refrains.


Un côté doom seventies démarre « Magna Mater » avant d’embarquer sur cette ligne conductrice de l’album mid tempo chauffant les cervicales.


S’en dégage un petit quelque chose à la « Swansong » de Carcass (notamment au niveau du chant) en certes plus simpliste mais proposant ce même sentiment addictif dans une exécution très bien ficelée.


Nous pourrons parler aussi de « Writhe With Serpents » qui dégage une aura plus brute que les autres avec le démarrage doublé niveau tempo, ses bonnes variations rythmiques aux breaks efficaces.


« Black Mass Wedding » est un album qui saura trouver un public large tant l’accroche de leur death/doom/rock se fait de manière naturelle.


Bigrement catchy !




This band and album are so bad that one could only laugh. It sounds as if the band was founded last week, but in fact this is neither the members’ first group nor is it Bestialord’s first album. The structure is simplistic, the riffs clichéd, the songs uninteresting and the vocals a parody of growling.

The production does not help the band. The drums sound like they were recorded direct to the microphone in the bedroom upstairs. The monotony is not alleviated by the lyrics either. Aside from an evil monicker, album title and cover artwork the lyrics are as Satanic as they come. Then one reads the following on the CD booklet: “This album is dedicated to the music and memory of Mark (The Shark) Shelton May The Lords of Light Be With You!” Confused much? No wonder this trio hails from a country where people voted for Donald Trump to Make America Great Again and “drain the swamp” when he ripped off and cheated as many Americans as he personally could, married an illegal alien worker and duly placed his own brood and as many millionaires and CEOs into positions of power as he could. Back to, er, Bestialord here are sample lyrics: “One, two, three, four/Raise The Devil To Our Door” and “One, two, three, four/The Devil is here Now sleep no more…”

This album is an endurance test for the fast forward button. What was GrimmDistribution thinking?



Käppäistä doomia ripauksella kalmaa vai käppäkuoloa ripauksella doomia ja heviä? Määrittelytalkoot alkakoon, sillä Black Mass Wedding tarjoaa hidastempoista junnausta menneiden vuosikymmenten tyylillä.


Bändissä vaikuttaa Sanctus Infernumissakin pitkään toiminut kaksikko Mark Anderson ja Chris Johnson sekä kolmantena pyöränä bassoa pompottava Rob Harris. Tällä kokoonpanolla yhtye purkitti mukiinmenevän levyesikoisen Law of the Burning (2018). Makuja on monia, mutta Black Mass Wedding (2019) ei ainakaan meikäläisen mielestä ole vienyt bändiä oikeaan suuntaan.


On lopulta yhdentekevää millaiseen karsinaan trion haluaa pistää. Perusajatus koostuu joka tapauksessa maltilisella tempolla jyräävästä bändistä, jossa laulut ovat karjuvaa puoliörinää ja puhtaista osioista ei ole tietoakaan. Riffit sitten taas voisivat olla kalman ohella vaikka doomista ja soolot vaikkapa hevistä. Tietyllä tapaa tämä yhdistelmä tuokin mieleen toisen jenkkibändin, nimittäin jo kuopatun Acheronin.


Merkittävin ero on siinä, että Acheronin luupääkuolo on sentää paikoin kovaa kamaa, kun taas Bestialord tuntuu vain olevan ehtaa käppää. Vaikka paikoin homma melkein lähtee lentoon, lopulta homma lässähtää kädenlämpöiseksi nuhjaukseksi.


Kitarasoundi tuntuu nuhaiselta kotistudiomenolta, rummut kaipaisivat lisää potkua ja dynamiikkaa eikä tuo laulupuolen karjuntakaan oikein iske. Samalla toki tiedostan, että osalle tällainen käppäsektori on liki parhautta.


Jos edellislevy iski nautintohermoon, ei ole mitään syytä jättää Black Mass Weddingia välistä. Ja sama toisin päin. Bändiä vielä tuntemattomille en tosin kehtaa kumpaakaan varauksetta suositella.