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Совместный релиз Satanath Records и Metallic Media: новый альбом "Death Devout" американской death metal группы Excommunicated выходит 20 апреля! / Co-release Satanath Records with Metallic Media: new album "Death Devout" of US death metal band Excommunicated is out on April 20th, 2018!

Усердно работая семь долгих лет после выхода дебютного альбома «Skeleton Key», американцы Excommunicated возвращаются с массивной коллекцией классических death metal хитов, которые обязательно понравятся всем поклонникам олдскула. Место за барабанами занял Mike Heller из групп Fear Factory, Raven, System Divide, Malignancy. Excommunicated является детищем таких ветеранов death metal, как Jason McIntyre (Suture, Voracious Scourge) на гитаре, Jonathan Joubert (ex-Despondency, Psychometry) на гитаре/бас-гитаре, Chad Kelly (ex-Catholicon, Satanist) на вокале и Bruno Muenzler (Suture, Slime In the Current) на бас-гитаре. Украшением альбома является участие одного из отцов-основателей "смертельного" жанра James Murphy (Death, Obituary) в одной кавер-песне, естественно, на Obituary. Данный альбом целиком состоит из каверов (подобно серии «Graveyard Classics» от Six Feet Under), представляющих песни из ранней золотой эпохи Death Metal.

Excommunicated was formed in early 2010 by several veterans of the Louisiana metal scene (Jason McIntyre, Chad Kelly, and Jonathan Joubert), and out of the ashes of several other prominent Louisiana death metal bands. Guitarist Jason McIntyre was a founding member of Suture (years active: 1995-2007), one of Louisiana’s top brutal death metal acts. Guitarist Jonathan Joubert was a founding member of Despondency (years active: 1993-2002), a melodic death metal band from the Lafayette area, as well as the progressive metal act Psychometry. Vocalist/keyboardist Chad Kelly was a founding member of Catholicon (years active: 1994-2009), a black/death metal band from the Baton Rouge area, and had also been part of the black metal duo project Satanist (2005-2007). After their former groups each ran their course throughout the 2000’s, Jason, Jonathan, and Chad began working on a new record together that would combine their various styles and influences. The result was the “Skeleton Key” album; written in equal parts by the two guitarists, with the lyrics written by Chad. The concept behind the album is a dark treatise on the medieval Catholic Church; centering on corruption, abuse, as well as strange and ghoulish habits. The lyrical concept had originally been outlined in the late 2000’s by Chad for a possible fifth Catholicon album; however by the time of Catholicon’s demise in late 2009, the lyrics were for the most part still incomplete. “Skeleton Key” was recorded and mixed from mid 2010 to early 2011, between Carencro, LA (Forgotten Prophet Studio) and Baton Rouge, LA (UW Studio), and mastered in California by Maor Appelbaum. Special appearances include a guest lead by Andy LaRocque (King Diamond, X-World 5) and a guest vocal by Vincent Crowley (Acheron, Wolfen Society). Drums were performed by David Kinkade (Borknagar, Malevolent Creation, Arsis). The band has expressed interest in writing a follow-up sequel to Skeleton Key in the near future, with the tentative title of “The Exterminating Angel”.

Состав / Line-up:

Chad Kelly - vocals
Jason McIntyre - guitar, backing vocals
Jonathan Joubert - guitar, bass
Bruno Munzler - bass, backing vocals
Mike Heller - drums

Гостевые музыканты / Guests:

James Murphy - lead guitar on "Intoxicated"
Brian Johnston - drums, bass and guitar on "Archangel"
James Scott - backing vocals on "World Eater" and "Edible Autopsy"
Kris Stevenson - backing vocals on Radio Hit, spoken word dialogue on album outro collage
Cernunnos - composition, instrumentation, vocals, production on "The Invocation" and outro for "Leading the Rats"

Nearly seven long years after their debut album, 'Skeleton Key', Louisiana's Excommunicated return with a massive collection of classics from the golden age of death metal that all fans of oldschool death metal are sure to enjoy. Featuring Mike Heller (from bands Fear Factory, Raven, System Divide, Malignancy) on drums, with a guest appearance by James Murphy (Obituary, Death), Excommunicated is the brainchild of death metal veterans Jason McIntyre (Suture, Voracious Scourge) on guitar, Jonathan Joubert (ex-Despondency, Psychometry) on guitar/bass, and Chad Kelly (ex-Catholicon, Satanist) on vocals. Rounding out the current lineup is Bruno Muenzler (Suture, Slime In the Current) on bass guitar. It will be an all "covers" album (similar to the Six Feet Under "Graveyard Classics" series) featuring songs from the early Death Metal era.

Трек-лист / Track-list:

01. Excommunicate And Anathema (Intro)
02. Body Count (Morgoth cover)
03. And Here I Die... Satisfied (Grave cover)
04. Edible Autopsy (Cannibal Corpse cover)
05. Nightmare Lake (Cemetary cover)
06. For God Your Soul, For Me Your Flesh (Pungent Stench cover)
07. Inside The Torn Apart (Napalm Death cover)
08. Intoxicated (Obituary cover)
09. Lunatic Of God's Creation (Deicide cover)
10. World Eater (Bolt Thrower cover)
11. The Invocation
12. Day Of Suffering (Morbid Angel cover)
13. Blessed Are The Sick / Leading The Rats (Morbid Angel cover)
14. Bone Fragments (Outro)

Длительность / Length - 68:00

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