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IATO - Ucronia


IATO - Ucronia

Совместный релиз GrimmDistribution и The Triad Rec: новый альбом "Ucronia" итальянской death metal/grindcore группы IATO выходит 19 июня!

Co-release GrimmDistribution with The Triad Rec: new album "Ucronia" of Italian death metal/grindcore band IATO is out on June 19th, 2019!

После 4 лет молчания экстремальная death metal группа из Сардинии вернулась со своим дебютным альбомом "Ucronia". Восемь бескомпромиссных треков, смешанных в адской дозе grindcore с яростным death metal. Висцерально организованное слияние ритмов, блистерных ударных и брутально-техничных гитарных дорожек дополняет сильный вокал, который варьируется от низких рыков до пиг-сквила и скрима, добавляя разнообразия в уже зрелую работу. Это воронка безжалостного звука, которая поглотит Вас в полной мере. Настоятельно рекомендуется для поклонников MISERY INDEX, ORIGIN, DYING FETUS, NILE и ASSȔCK.

The band IATO was formed in the summer of 2011 from a punk hardcore band’s ashes in Quartu Sant’Elena (Sardinia, Italy). While still maintaining the same members, Lorenzo Balia (drums), Giuseppe Piga (bass), Federico Pisano (guitar and back vocals) and Francesco Nano (vocals and second guitar), the new band now focuses on extreme metal: The name IATO stands for fracture, the sense of distance felt by the band towards the surrounding context and a critical approach towards the world. In July 2011 IATO produced their first EP “Marchio di fabbrica” and promoted it around Sardinia (Italy) a few months later, in order to join the local music underground community. In September Giuseppe decided to leave the rest of the band and he is quickly replaced by Andrea Manis. In the following years, the band aims to widen its audience to a national level and to tour in the mainland. Eventually, they managed to organise different shows: firstly in Padova and then in Prato, Bologna and Cassano D’Adda. In the meantime, the band works on the ultimate details of their new EP ‘Dialektik’ and released it in 2014. These years kick off with great achievement for IATO: firstly supporting Cripple Bastards, the death metal masters Obituary and Necrodeath in Cagliari (Sardinia), secondly being chosen to support Entombed A.D. in Sant’Antioco (Sardinia). After recording, mixing and mastering the first full-length “Ucronia” at Cut Fire Mixing Studio, in 2019 the band signed a contract with GrimmDistribution and The Triad Rec.

After 4 years of silence, the extreme death metal band from Sardinia (Italy) is back with its 1st full-length album “Ucronia”. Eight uncompromising tracks that mixe a lethal dose of furious death metal with grindcore. Expect a visceral organised amalgamation of up tempos, blisterign drums and brutal/technical-like guitar work. Vocal wise the band shifts from low grunts to pig squeals and acid shrieks and screams, adding variety to an already mature work. Literally a maelstrom of sound without compromise you are about to be utterly and forcibly absorbed by. Strongly recommended for the fans of MISERY INDEX, ORIGIN, DYING FETUS, NILE and ASSȔCK.

Состав / Line-up:

Francesco Nano - vocals, guitars
Lorenzo Balia - drums
Andrea Manis - bass
Federico Pisano - guitars, backing vocals

Трек-лист / Track-list:

01. Letargico Conflitto
02. IATO
03. Uomo Ingranaggio
04. Soggetto Alienato
05. Ucronia
06. Idiosincrasia Sociopatica
07. Occhio Unico
08. Requiem

Длительность / Length - 33:25

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